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  • AZ microbiologist - Positives and negatives (not for arthritics)

    I have used the bread dough mixer portion of this Ninja and it worked beyond great. Impressive. This review is going to deal primarily with the individual bullet-style blender portion, which I use every day twice a day to make my kale drinks and plant protein smoothies. The blender for these individual containers is very powerful. By the way, I dropped/cracked one of my individual-sized containers and called Ninja directly for a replacement. They were $19.99 for a pack of two which I thought was quite good and I also bought an extra blade for 9.99 since I make drinks every single day. First off this unit is not ideal for people with arthritis or the elderly. I am in my 40s and even I have a doozie of a time getting the container off the base unit after making a shake (although this has recently gotten easier) and opening the container to remove the blade is usually difficult. Both actions are hard for me and sometimes my husband has to help me do both. I think a bit of a vacuum must form when you blend something. This happens more frequently when I have the container very full. So if you experience that try using less food in the container. Another thing is that my unit occasionally smokes and goes so fast that I smell burning rubber. I probably need to contact Ninja about this. This thing is so powerful and that should be a "good" thing but another downside to having power is noise level. It is very, very noisy. Mind you that is coming from someone who actually likes this blender so I'm not trying to dissuade anyone I just want the facts to be out there. If you're sensitive to noise you might actually have to wear earplugs. The positive side of having power is that I put whole kale and carrots into my shakes/smoothies and you need a strong machine to blend such veggies. I never can get it blended on the first try, but it does a much better job than my old blender (a Kitchenaid). I always take the single-serve cup off and shake it around to distribute the veggies and re-blend. If you're not using kale, I don't think you'll have this problem. I make full shakes, if you're doing half a container it will blend better. Fresh or frozen berries (including cherries) work and I use both frequently. In my trials blackberries were a disaster. The tiny seeds do not get ground up and you're left with a really undesirable drink. Hope that helps. My husband and I do use it every day and are fairly happy.

  • Cattle Kate - Miracle worker!

    I was amazed at the results applying this product. I put it on as per instructions, looked away doing something else for a minute, and when I looked back at the mirror, I could actually see the improvement. At 72 I need all the help I can get so its on my must have list from now on!

  • Vinny - MP3 quality was awesome. Delivered via the cloud and installed on computer

    Song was the original clean version. MP3 quality was awesome. Delivered via the cloud and installed on computer, and phone.