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  • Mrs. Willis - Not as good as dry shampoo

    If you have seen some of my other reviews, you're already aware that I suffer from alopecia and am looking for ways to disguise my scalp. Toppik is so expensive, and has a great reputation. So, I was excited to discover I was able to try a small 3g size before committing to a full bottle. Unfortunately, I'm not sold on the product, and am not sure I want to buy a larger size.

  • Heidi Himel - Was a little skeptical when I ordered it but figured ...

    Was a little skeptical when I ordered it but figured I would give it a try it couldn't hurt. We had been trying for 3 years and been through fertility and tried many different things. After two months of taking this product I became pregnant. Now only 4 short weeks from meeting my baby boy!!

  • Tech Girl - Nzuri Elixir works well, both in look AND feel

    I am extremely pleased with Nzuri. "Dry, brittle, lifeless" hair seemed to be the story of my life. I would move from that to OILY when I'd try a different product. Well, it might not have been oily but it looked that way. I have difficult hair (two-tone, slightly longer than shoulder length). And the fact that everything I tried was directly applied to my hair meant I was working on a symptom instead of getting... to the roots of my problem.

  • Janet O'connor - thanks to all of the super helpful reviews posted by others

    It took two of us under 2 hours to assemble, thanks to all of the super helpful reviews posted by others. Saved me many tears. Especially the link to the you tub video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8gWOYZA5ng and the notes about lining up the door. The instructions are pretty difficult to follow. That said, I was impressed with the design and my kids are impressed with the function! It's a fantastic product.

  • Craig Pinkerton - Review of pre-purchase

    Please understand that I DID NOT purchase the product. It might well be a wonderful product, but my review is about how I was treated pre-purchase. It is my thought that this is when you see a rep. at their very best, when they are trying to sell. I heard the ad from radio about a free trial. I called the number about 15 or 20 minutes before walking into a meeting. Before any pleasantries, she wanted all of my contact info. This made me uncomfortable, but I hesitantly gave it.