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  • Roshan Ram Rammohan - Works great for kids' vomiting in a car.

    This product is aptly named - Nature's Miracle indeed. My 4 year old contracted some gastroenteritis in a camping trip, which resulted in 3-4 sessions of vomiting (copius amounts) on our way back. The poor guy tried his best to aim into the barf bag, but those things aren't designed for kids with high volume barfing! :)

  • Virginia Lawrence - Thieves Essential Oil Really works!

    I've purchased this oil elsewhere previously, and I found that it kept me from catching colds and flu. That sounds ridiculous, but it was recommended to me by a chiropractor, and I've found that she was right.

  • Anndrea bishop - Works great! Keeps body acne at bay and heals it ...

    Works great! Keeps body acne at bay and heals it quickly. I've tried clean and clear body wash, and although it works, it doesn't compare to this!

  • Alfred - Beginners into to Access

    Maybe I have unrealistic expectations - but so much of the book is devoted to very basic items and so little of the book is devoted to software development. Almost no discussion of Access classes or calling API's; only a token consideration of programming in Access. In my opinion, this book would be excellent for someone not very familiar with Access 2010 that wants to build a database and use standard features to enter data, query it, and produce reports. This book is not quite right for the experienced software developer that wants to use an underlying programming methodology to have precise control and develop professional-looking applications that require no user training.

  • Grumpy Reader - Very useful for certain situations

    I've had it for a couple of weeks now. There's a lot to like. It is comfortable, and fairly quick to take on and off (30-45 seconds to put on, only a few seconds to take off). Compared to regular crutches it is wonderful to be able to use my hands- fix lunch, carry my laptop to another room, get a drink, etc. I was worried that it might hurt my knee, but the weight seems to be distributed all along the knee and shin, so that hasn't been a problem. It didn't take long to get the hang of it, but I did stumble a couple of times, and there does seem potential to hurt yourself that way. The pictures on the box shows people walking their dog, shopping, and mowing the lawn, but I don't expect to ever feel like I can do those things in the crutch. When I take a few steps on the lawn, even very slight grade and unevenness makes me feel very unstable. I don't think I'd even feel comfortable using it out of the house even in stores and paved areas. I have to watch every step and even small irregularities are a problem. So I think of it as just for use in the house. It really is handy for that, doing simple household chores.