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  • Amazon Customer - Helped tremendously!

    I brought this for my labrador who is chewing her paws because of allergies. We bathed her whole body in this first and, in subsequent days, have only been washing her paws. She has definitely slowed down on her chewing and her poor little inflamed paws are looking much less raw and painful. :)

  • MAGICARPET - Great product!

    I used to buy these on the "Q" bu they are much more reasonably priced here. It's a good product that works. So easy to use in this format.

  • Jordan - This is the "better" formula of Biosilk Therapy Serum. ...

    This is the "better" formula of Biosilk Therapy Serum. The other formula has more alcohol and different amounts of some of the ingredients. The other formula maybe a knock off or what is sold at a drug store not a hair salon. In any event, the product sold by Amazon.com LLC, was the right one- always read the ingredients on any beauty product so you know what you are paying for!

  • John F. Keith - Collins Best

    It just doesn't get much better than this music especially this track. Great addition to your music favorite music collection.

  • Dabbo*0 - Cute Shoe

    I had custom made arch/heal support that I add to my walking shoes. These shoes do need more elasticity through the tongue area but after I put them on a few times, it became easier. The insole use a softer feel, especially through the toe area. Other that that, they are very cute and can be worn with any type of pants without looking clunky.

  • Jennifer Kaczala - Love it !

    Really good for beginners and gives you options for low impact or if you want to kick it up a notch.

  • Sunshiny - Lost weight with Little Effort

    I love this product! I have juice fasted and done the E7 shake diet and the Daniel fast. This was by far the most painless plan that reduces food intake without feeling like you are starving yourself. It fills you up until meal time, tastes great (especially with soy or almond milk). I didn't feel like snacking and I lost weight. I have been on it for 20 days, lost about 10 pounds and I am still going strong. With most other plans that I have tried I am counting down the days until I can stop, but this one is so satisfying, I feel I can go as long as I need to until I reach my goal. There is a short transition off of the shakes and you can go back to 3 meals a day with a faster metabolism. I have all my friends on this as well. I would recommend this to anyone.