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CSGOSTRONG: Free CS GO Skins - Lowlight of the Year: Gaming Paradise After the disaster that was ESWC Montreal 2015, the community at large had come to the conclusion that Montreal would end up being the worst tournament of the year. As possibly the worst tournament ever held in history, Gaming Paradises issues ran from not having any computers present at the event to the police being called in to hold the players passports due to missing hotel payments.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Holly Schoenbauer - Cant hurt to try it.

    Our 5 week old was so colicky i was at my wits end. Thought we would give this a try. Not sure it worked, but it didnt hurt. He is 15 weeks now and a happy baby. Not saying this was the magic answer, but it def didnt hurt!

  • Jackie T - But i needed a good detox that could strip away toxins and waste from ...

    Detox tea is the new fad. But i needed a good detox that could strip away toxins and waste from my body. Reviews after reviews, i read nothing but good things and even on their site as well. Gave it a try and so far so good. Feeling energized and helping with the appetite control will detoxing and purifying the body. Also noticing a slight weight loss. Can't wait to see the final results.

  • Amazon Customer - More than juicy details of a successful life.

    When you find yourself working your busy weekend around a book you know it's a good read! I finished it in two days. I love her show and media posts because they aren't cookie cutter, overly formatted and staged.

  • LAShopGirl - Not sure if it's doing anything...

    Meh, I don't know.. I've never used a mouthwash before because they all have alcohol and sugar in them, which defeats the purpose of rinsing out your mouth since alcohol/sugar = dries out your mouth = bacteria loves a dry mouth = breathy. People rinse their mouths out with alcohol and dry out their mouths even more...and then they think they need mouthwash more. But I had heard Biotene does not have alcohol in it and it's supposed to help clean your teeth and gums between dental cleanings, which I thought was a bonus since I don't enjoy flossing.

  • Dave - Best Disaster Movie Of All Time

    As I write this 2012 has passed and I can say I enjoyed the movie even before the passing in time of that year. I am grateful this is only a movie and we can see all the destruction of the earth in Surround Sound and full 1080p glory! There are more disaster scenes happening in every square inch of the screen than in any other disaster move ever made previously. The cliff hanging scenes come non-stop throughout the entire film. The effects were topnotch quite real looking. An enjoyable film taken from the lore of ancient type prophecies. A likeable cast well acted good escapism all around!

  • Maya - Sticky!!

    Just a few drops of our 100% Pure Castor Oil is all you need to enjoy the many benefits it can bring to your face, skin & hair. Castor Oil softens and hydrates as it absorbs deep into the skin. - also helping to promote the production of collagen & elastin, which help to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - giving your skin a more youthful, glowing appearance. Castor oil is simple yet incredibly effective for so many things. I like to use it for my skin and hair mostly. It's moisturizing and can stimulate hair follicles. Many brands don't produce it in the more expensive way, by a cold-press. Luckily, CSCS has dedicated the time and research into the castor oil to make sure that it's handled properly.