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Y Diwlith | This site is all about Y Diwlith Welsh language playgroup & our challenge to renovate our building - This site is all about Y Diwlith Welsh language playgroup & our challenge to renovate our building

  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/codir-to-raise-the-roof/ Codi’r Tô / Raise the Roof | Y Diwlith - Mae Y Diwlith yn geisio codi £24,000 am tô newytdd. Heb hyn bydd yn rhaid iddynt cau yn y dyfodol agos. Gallech chi wneud rhodd ar-lein ar y safle yma << Y Diwlith>> Os gwelwch yn dda cliciwch ar ein henw i gysylltu chi â’r dudalen rhodd. Bydd pob cyfraniad yn cael ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer y…
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/codir-to-raise-the-roof/sponsorship-forms/ Ffurflen Nawdd – Cardiff Half Marathon – Sponsorship Forms | Y Diwlith - SPONSOR FORM - CARDIFF HALF MARATHON - EMMA JAMES SPONSOR FORM - CARDIFF HALF MARATHON - THOMAS JAMES
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/make-on-line-donation/ Gwnewch rhodd ar-lein / Make On-Line Donation | Y Diwlith - Gallech chi wneud rhodd ar-lein ar y safle yma << Y Diwlith >> Os gwelwch yn dda cliciwch ar ein henw i gysylltu chi â’r dudalen rhodd. Bydd pob cyfraniad yn cael ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer y Codi'r Tô / Raise the Roof. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can make an on-line donation at this site  << Y Diwlith >> Please click on…
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/cysylltwch-a-ni-contact-us/ Cysylltwch â ni / Contact us | Y Diwlith - Cyfeiriad/Address: Y Diwlith 313, Bridgend Road Maesteg Bridgend CF34 0PX Tel: 07890545316
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/2016/09/06/edrych-am-dj-looking-for-dj/ Edrych am DJ/ Looking for DJ | Y Diwlith - Rydym to edrych am DJ i gwirfoddoli yn ein disco Calan Gaeaf ar Dydd Llun, 31/10/16.  We are looking for a DJ to volunteer to host our Halloween disco on Monday 31/10/16.  Diolch!
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/2016/09/06/cofrestrwch-eich-plentyn-register-your-child/ Cofrestrwch eich plentyn/ Register your child  | Y Diwlith - Ffoniwch 07890 545316 neu danfonwch neges i ni i gofrestru eich plentyn (oedran dau neu fwy). Gall rhai ohonoch chi derbyn help tuag at y ffioedd. Call 07890 545316 or message us to register your child (aged over two). Whatever your circumstances, you may be entitled to some help towards paying the fees. 
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/2016/09/06/group-mam-ai-plentyn-mother-and-toddler-group/ Group mam a’i plentyn/ Mother and toddler group | Y Diwlith - Bydd grwp mam a'i plentyn yn dechrau yfory o 12yp tan 2yp. Gallech chi dod i weld beth rydym yn gwneud rhwng 12yp a 12.30yp. Mother and toddler group starts back tomorrow from 12pm until 2pm. If you just want to have a look around to see what we do, come between 12pm and 12.30pm.
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/plant-mewn-angen-children-in-need-2/ Plant mewn angen/ Children in need  | Y Diwlith - Peidiwch anghofio i wisgo eich gwisg nos i Y Diwlith wythnos yma i godi arian am plant mewn angen!  Don't forget to wear pyjamas to Y Diwlith this week to raise money for children in need! 
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/past-pupil-blog-blog-cyn-ddisgybl/ Past pupil blog/ Blog cyn ddisgybl | Y Diwlith - Miss James (volunteer and past pupil) is currently doing a masters in Cardiff University. As part of her assessment she has to write a blog. She has decided to write about the 2016 Welsh Assembly election. Here's a link to the blog: https://cardiffassembles.wordpress.com/ Please like and share to show your support:https://www.facebook.com/cardiffassembles and follow on twitter:…
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/tymor-y-hydref-autumn-term/ Tymor y Hydref / Autumn Term | Y Diwlith - Pictured are some of the children's work. Our themes this term are colours, shapes and celebrations. Gwelir lluniau o waith y blant. Ein themau y dymor yma yw lliwiau, siapiau a dathliadau.
  • https://ydiwlith.wordpress.com/2015/10/02/hanner-marathon-caerdydd-cardiff-half-marathon/ Hanner Marathon Caerdydd/ Cardiff Half Marathon | Y Diwlith - Ar Dydd Sul, bydd Kirbie Lewis ac Emma James yn rhedeg y Hanner Marathon yng Nghaerdydd am y trydydd tro i godi arian ar gyfer Y Diwlith. Pob lwc i chi! Good luck to Kirbie Lewis and Emma James. They are both running the Cardiff Half Marathon for the third time this Sunday on behalf…

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