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  • Jennifer Madrid - Beautiful car seat

    Beautiful car seat. It's easy to install and can be used in many different position in many different cars. I wish it was more affordable so we could have two.

  • T. Howard - Not Ready For Prime Time

    I tried to like this camera. I'm a bit of a tech junkie. And, I was eagerly anticipating its release. I took it out snowboarding on Vail Mountain. The camera "froze up" several times. When this happens, you have to remove your helmet, remove the camera, open the waterproof container, and remove the battery. Very frustrating. The operating system is horribly clunky, and time consuming to use. The GoPro App completely drains the battery of the camera quickly and is essentially useless. I think it is the wifi in the camera that is a terrible drain on the battery. The photos that I was able to take were nice; but, not worth the headache. The video I was able to take was not smooth flowing, it was very jerky. I'm taking my camera back for a refund.

  • Katie S - NEW (and not improved) Chemical Smell! Plus, lower quality than before

    These diapers arrived Feb 2015, and I was just opening them last week. They smelled very chemical-y as soon as I opened the clear plastic packaging that surrounds them. This has not happened to me before, and I have used pampers swaddlers since the beginning. I was very disappointed. I proceeded with caution, and put the diaper on my baby. After strapping the diaper on, I was adjusting the diaper to make sure it was in place, i.e. pulling the "wings" out and the wing ripped. That has never happened to me. Of course the red flags and irrational mother thoughts came racing through my mind ("Alert, Alert! Made in China! Bad Chemicals! My baby!!!!"). After reading the recent reviews, it appears that quality and smell is a consistent issue and that it is a result of Pampers changing the product. Thanks a lot Pampers. Now I am going to research the Honest Company.

  • e-beth - Perfect for Renters!

    I love these (all sizes) so much. I move a lot because of my job, so I also rent a lot of different places. When renting, I like to make my place my own but I HATE having to fill nail holes when I move out. The Command velcro strips are my fix for 98% of all my wall hangings, it's the best invention and fantastic - plus, if I want to mix it up and re-arrange my decorations, it's easy to take off, easy to remove (with no holes, no paint, no fuss) and re-decorate.