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Prolotherapy Florida, Florida's Original Prolotherapy Practice - Florida's Original Prolotherapy Practice. Located in Clearwater, Florida and serving all of the Tampa Bay area, Prolotherapy Florida has been providing prolotherapy treatments to patients since 1991.

  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/AboutUs/AboutDrLinetsky.aspx About Doctor Felix Linetsky - Dr. Linetsky is the leading provider of Prolotherapy in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor. Dr. Linetsky has been providing treating patients with Prolotherapy since 1991
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/AboutUs/WhatisProlotherapy.aspx What is Prolotherapy? - Prolotherapy is a medical treatment that stimulates the natural healing through the production of new connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments.aspx Prolotherapy Can Treat You! - Prolotherapy injection treatment is very effective for sports injuries, whiplash injuries and hip and knee joints.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/ArthritisPain.aspx Prolotherapy for Arthritis - Prolotherapy is effective in treating arthritis caused by injury or degeneration. , joint parts: ligaments, tendons, cartilage weaken, bone spurs and small nerves grow causing pain, prolotherapy heals them
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/Fibromayalgia.aspx Prolotherapy for Fibromyalgia - Fibromyalgia (muscle pain) can be treated by Prolotherapy by injecting the areas where affected muscles attach to the bone.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/FootAnklePain.aspx Prolotherapy for Foot and Ankle - Prolotherapy is effective in treating sprained ligaments of the ankle and foot, Achilles tendons and Morton’s neuroma.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/HeadacheNeckPain.aspx Prolotherapy for Headaches and Neck Injuries - Prolotherapy is effective in treating headaches and neck pain from whiplash injuries, facet syndrome (degenerative joints in the neck), degenerated ligaments and tendons.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/HipPain.aspx Prolotherapy for Hip - Prolotherapy is effective in treating hip ligaments, tendons, cartilage, joint and hip bones which may cause pain when injured or damaged by arthritis
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/KneePain.aspx Prolotherapy for the Knee - Prolotherapy can treat many knee injuries including ACL tear, PCL, patellar and quadriceps (knee cap) tendons, some meniscal tears, Baker’s cyst, painful joint instability and arthritis.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/LowBackPain.aspx Prolotherapy for Low Back - Prolotherapy is effective in treating low back pain, sciatica, facet joints, sprained ligaments and tendons, instability, degeneration, spinal stenosis, bulging disc and herniated disc.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/MidBackChestPain.aspx Prolotherapy for Mid Back or Chest - Prolotherapy has been used for many decades for common chest problems, painful rib displacements at spine rib joints, facet joints, grinding wing bone, Tietze’s syndrome, ligament and for tendon wear and tear.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/SacroiliacJointPain.aspx Prolotherapy for the Sacroiliac Joint - Prolotherapy has been used to successfully treat sacroiliac joint instability with displacements and pain for over 70 years. Prolotherapy results are better than with any other treatment.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/ShoulderPain.aspx Prolotherapy for the Shoulder - Prolotherapy can successfully treat painful shoulder injuries, instabilities, grinding, clicking, tendinosis, related joints, ligaments, tendons muscles and bursitis.
  • http://www.prolotherapyflorida.com/Treatments/TMJPain.aspx Prolotherapy for TMJ - TMJ or the jaw joint is often painful because of injury to the ligaments, muscles or cartilage. Problems with talking, chewing, earaches, muscle cramping are often treated with Prolotherapy.

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  • DeanD - Good but not great

    As others have said the tablets can be somewhat crumbled. None have been total write offs but some have had 25% missing. Provides good chlorination but I'll probably shop for another product when these run out.

  • Cee Gee - Works Great!!

    Tried some organic product first which did nothing to deter spiders from infesting my daughter's playhouse. Due to reviews stating this had low fumes, I gave it a chance and now my daughter is spider bite free!

  • P. Scott Pope - Microsoft Needs to Invest Significantly More Resources in Streets and Trips- No Major Improvements

    While I have been a big fan of Streets and Trips over the past decade, Microsoft failed 64 bit users with a flawed DVD. The online free trial download followed by an activation works.