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Proven Medical Weight Loss Program & Plan | OPTIFAST - OPTIFAST is the serious solution for weight loss. Learn more about the medical weight loss program & plan that’s clinically proven to help you achieve long term results.

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  • Derrik J Fox - A great novelty item

    I just moved into a new apartment and I have "Wilson" sitting on my bookshelf. I like to tell my guests that he's my roommate. It always gets a laugh out of people and makes for good conversation.

  • Jay Jay - Truly forbidden love

    PNR is one of my favorite genre and when I heard that this author was doing a PNR book I couldn't wait to read.

  • David Hood - Much Needed Upgrade Fills Holes of Previous Versions

    OneNote was a really good, but flawed product before. I tried OneNote 2007 a few years ago and loved it, but had trouble using it over two different computers -- work and home.

  • Lane - Ok..

    Looks nice, but I feel like it keeps sliding off my hands. Also, the charging port is sort of sharp that it can possibly cut me.