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  • Sms4461 - WeatherTech liners for 2013 Ford Escape

    I love them, I purchased the front and back floor liner combo and the cargo liner. They fit like a glove, and turn up at the sides so if something is spilt it will catch it. The back seat floor liner is all one piece and goes right over the hump in the middle. They fit great and has come in handy already with my grand daughter throwing cups and snacks out of her carseat. The front liners fit great and snap into the floor so these mats are not moving. The only thing I wish is that the driver side left foot rest was fully covered. The liner goes up maybe a little more than half way. That is not where I rest my foot, so it is not a biggie for me. The cargo liner is perfect.

  • patricia conley - won't load

    This app won't download. The icon is everywhere yet nothing is happening. Customer service doesn't seem to work. The app is just taking up space.

  • Vertilli - BEST If You Need Dry Hands

    Best there is for keeping your hands dry. From what I can tell, it was originally made for tennis players, but I use it for golf or any other outdoor activity where my hands need to be dry. One word of caution: it does tend to make your hands 'tacky.' Not sticky, but if you're used to using cornstarch or talc to keep your hands dry, this is much more like what traditional rosin feels like on your hands. Getting them in-and-out of your pockets can be an adventure.


    All Perfect this product is amazing and the seller is very good Im happy with my product thank you. this product is exellent this product is very good

  • Nathan M. - History in Real Time.

    I have followed Mr. Conason work for quite awhile and have come to respect his insight into our political world . Even though this year is going to be my 1st time voting , I am a 2nd year History student and there is so much that can be learned from looking back.

  • G. R. Clark - Great shampoo for needy dog!

    Our Golden Retriever Jake's had allergy problems all his life and we were happily using Malaseb on him for the last few years. Too bad the Malaseb makers got kyboshed for some drug issue because it was great shampoo . . . but we found this recommended as an alternative and it's doing fine so far. We've been using it now for a few months and it does help keep Jake's coat stable. We've also used it with the Solid Gold Jojoba Conditioner which is fantastic and gives that extra something to his coat.