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  • james_i_p - Complete fraud and garbage!

    I wouldn't give this product a single star. Was heavily manipulated into buying the above product along with another one for 300 English pounds. Imagine! Everything Orogold make is misleading and a scam. DO NOT BUY! Once you open the packaging you'll find a cheap bottle that breaks easily so you can't even finish your product. The eye serum is a complete scam. The quality is appalling. The face scrub I bought on top I couldn't wash off. The gold particles stuck like glue. Awful feeling. Both products felt like odourless sticky gel. Now if you read the 5 star reviews on here you'll notice a recurrent style in writing. A lot of them are fake! Orogold are criminals in my view. Never ever succumb to aggressive manipulative sales techniques promising you discount. There is no such thing as a discount! These guys should be jailed for fraud!

  • Kristen A. - Great when it still worked

    I had my first unit for 8 months before it stopped working entirely. I called Haan and was told they would ship me a new one, once I shipped the old one back. It cost me about $25 to ship the unit back to them. I used the replacement unit for 3 months before that one broke last week. I called today to see what could be done about it. I was told that the 12 month warranty period for the first unit (the one I sent them back) was up and that they don't offer any further warranty on the replacement one they sent. So I wasted my time and money shipping a unit back to get another that only lasted 3 months. The CS rep said he will forward my issue to corporate and I should be hearing from them next week so I will see if they will do anything about it.

  • James Amond - I wouldn't know which 1 of them are any good.. maybe they are all bad

    this board didn't help me contact anyone from the dead...I don't know maybe I didn't use it right..or maybe it's lack of faith in the board..but I bought it for my girlfriend at the time I was with her..she owns the board now...I am not to eager to buy the board again cause I believe the board does not have any powers of contacting the dead...I wish it would other wise I would buy 1 for myself...there is so many different versions of Ouija boards...I wouldn't know which 1 of them are any good ..maybe they are all bad...but I sure paid a lot of money for this..

  • Slconfidential - Retouched Photos Hide the Truth

    I have before me the catalog with all their products. What I find odd is that the before and after photo of the person using Lip and Eye product has been retouched. I placed A to E marks on the darken eye photo and POOF, the now full of light photo shows, shows up with the same area I marked...the eyebrows.....perfect match. This tells me, the product used does not work, because why do a retouch? Funny about the "miracle photo", is the the iris of the eye is in the middle of the eye socket position, which means they pull the skin down, so the wrinkles would not appear and did touch up.

  • Marydee - The best service and quality of product.

    As always said before.....this is the very best Hess Truck and the most fun to play with(both dads and sons). The package came in no time, a lot sooner than expected and was brand new in the box. Check these guys out if you want an excellent buy all year round.