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Welcome to the Edinburgh Branch of Parkinson's UK - The Edinburgh Branch of Parkinson's UK aims to help people with Parkinson's, their families and friends in Edinburgh and Lothians by providing opportunities for members to meet, share experience and support each other, information about health and lifestyle issues, and group activities.

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  • D. Taylor - Nope.

    When I purchased this product line the first time, I was led to believe it would help me regrow the hair I'd lost. I think that perhaps it was because the stylist misunderstood the definition of the term "thinning hair" as used by the product manufacturer. It is in reality, great for making thin hair look thicker, but it is not for the loss of hair at all and the manufacturer doesn't claim it is even tho' some reviews by customers imply this.

  • M. Conover - Older Reader Project Runway Watcher

    I love this mag. It is not just for the 20's & 30's or under. It gives advice on clothes, makeup, current happenings in fashion, & features Project Runway designs! When I moved it seemed like forever for my mag to catch up with me. Nina on Project Runway is my favorite judge as she seems to tell it like it is now not 30 yrs ago. I too do not wear as much makeup now as I did in my younger yrs but it is fun to see all the current stuff available to use. I do do my nails, wear fashional clothes that I can afford (Alferd Dunner is my fav as I can get it at a store here on discount!;) } I am in my late 50's & teach school in the Bible belt but do not like old fashioned clothes or looks. As I said before this mag tells you what is current & doable for you at your age/