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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • Lost Customer - My biggest question is: why is the Kindle version ...

    My biggest question is: why is the Kindle version $6 more than the print? Print is harmful to the environment (glossy magazines are what produce that awful rotten egg scent that engulf entire mill towns) and it's an insult to the consumer when electronic versions cost a tiny fraction of what print does. Not to mention the mailman's back. None of this makes sense. I only buy Kindle versions and never when they cost more than print.

  • Eva Graham - It feels like I'm walking bare foot

    Went by previous reviews, so I ordered a 1/2 size larger. A cute shoe, but I'm not excited by cushioning. It feels like I'm walking bare foot, not very comfortable. Seriously, Asics, you could have designed this better.

  • Katie Henderson - piece of junk... get what you pay for

    beware of this... it is not worth the money. there is a reason it is so much cheaper than other similar items- its poor quality and doesn't work properly. i am a coach and i bought this to help my son train while i am away coaching and unable to work with him. however the machine is such junk it is not able to function in the way they advertise it to.

  • A. Tipton - great knick knack to have

    Works awesome once you figure it out. The depth line was a little confusing ended up putting a hole through the plastic the first time I used it. Totally my fault, it's super easy but don't rush yourself.

  • Scott B. Macdonald - This board ate my dog

    The happenings after buying a Oiuja board are indeed evil. The first thing that happened when I opened the box, was a paper-cut. Sure...harmless, right? Hardly. A drop of blood hit the board, and it started snapping open and closed, while a vortex appeared at its center. In a futile attempt to ward off this evil, my terrier attacked the board and was consumed in its spiral-like vortex. Wiggles is gone forever I fear...it has been four months. In addition to this, for some reason, every morning at 7, a Jehovah's Witness appears on my porch with booklets. After she leaves, two lifeless Chinese girls materialize on the porch holding a remote control.