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  • HeatherC - BOB is good stuff

    Obviously, I have the BOB stroller and is like the Mercedes of strollers for me. This attachment was pretty easy to install and really like the product. I only gave 4 stars because I feel like I get hit in the face every time I purchase one of their products for the price. But, I still buy it/recommend it and will continue to for my Mercedes stroller!

  • Chelsea Head - Grace's Touch

    Why is it that the heroin never seems to have any female friends? All her friends are guys. Quadruplet Guys!! And she isn't even crushing on any of them or vice versa (Or so it seems). Gotta admit, that's kind of awesome. They are all incredibly loyal to one another, always looking out for each other. And they're so protective of her too, though it sounds like they're maybe not supposed to want to be? Gotta admit, that's kind of confusing. But that's a different part of the story. I also loved the candidness between the five of them and then the easy acceptance each had of Mischa (Jessa's twin sister) when they found out that she existed.

  • 3redwoods - Not good for kids

    Not good for kids, they can't put the quarters in nicely. Then if they do get them in and make a mistake, it is hard to get the quarter out again.

  • garkin - They really need to work on allowing people to enter their serial numbers without setting up an account.

    Good software, but a terrible activation system. I had to register the product and set up an account before I could activate it, since the initial activation page does not allow you to enter the entire product serial number and it said that my serial number was invalid until I completed the registration and was able to enter the entire product serial number.

  • G Man - Great Shaving Cream for Shaving Cream Aficionados

    If you want the best, then, this shaving cream is one of them! It will lather like nobody's business. The scent of lavender is intoxicating. Too bad I have since switched to shaving soaps. I like shaving soaps because supposedly they provide you with a closer shave.

  • Amazon Customer - I am satisfied generally speaking with how the supplements control my hankerings ...

    The main day, I just took 1 pill before 2 distinct suppers to check whether I would encounter some anxiety or whatever other clever reactions. What's more, I am upbeat to say I didn't see anything. It positively didn't influence my rest. I noticed when supper arrived, I wasn't eager however I ate at any rate and was just ready to eat a large portion of my feast. I additionally saw no nibbling amid the day.

  • lm2m - Fun!

    I'm a complete newbie to any video games, so I find this to be fun and no real complaints. I like the 20 and 40 minute work outs as well as the singing feature, which came in quite handy when I sprained my ankle recently so while I couldn't dance, I was able to blast out tunes, which drove my kids away so I had some nice time to myself. Coulda/shoulda they have more and more recent songs - absolutely, but I'm inclined to be more charitable since they did include Troublemaker.