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  • jimslaffingirl - Worthy of your time!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Joe Dillard series. And when I stumbled on this book by Scott Pratt I knew I had to take it out for a spin. It was a great ride. It was an emotionally charged book as we feel the main character in the book deal with the calamity that befalls him and how he handles each experience. Its impossible to read this book and not feel the despair and the triumph as they happen. This is a legal thriller. I highly recommend this story.

  • Dawn - Good Styling Product

    I use this product all the time. It is so easy to style your hair and it helps your hair from going all over the place. It is alot cheaper online then at the hairdressers so I usually purchase it online. It also smells so good.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Read!

    I admit that I went into this story thinking that it would be an exact replica of Twilight. However, shortly into the story I found that it was not. The beginning was a little odd to me because everything happened so quickly to Sofia. However, I do appreciate that her capture and where she ends up was not drawn out, like in other novels.

  • L. Greig - Robust and easy to use

    This was bigger than I expected, but is a wonderfully sturdy appliance and seems to charge the batteries quickly! I'd recommend it, particularly as new cameras consume batteries at such a rate. I'm about to invest in the rechargable C and Ds as well, since every hurricane season (Caribbean) we have to buy new batteries for flashlights, radios, etc, which end up dying before we even get to use them. Now that we have this charger, I only need to buy the rechargeable batteries ONCE! That's convenience and cost savings!