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    Those of you familiar with John Hiatt, what can I say? Those of you not familiar with Jon may want to start with this anthology. Wonderful music covering many styles. Highly recommended!!

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    I spent a long time researching hardtail 29er bikes when I decided to buy one. The LBS had bikes in my price range but with inferior component groups and mechanical rather than hydraulic disc brakes.The Diamondback had the best component group and hydraulic disc brakes for the price I wanted to pay. 10 speed cassette for this price is unheard of. The frame got wonderful reviews online and I agree it is solid. Assembling the bike is more complicated than road bikes because of the disc brakes and a more detailed instruction guide would have been helpful. The brake pads squeal some as they are braking in but the noise stopped after about 20 miles. Rolls over everything in its path and faster climbing than my old 26inch dual suspension Trek. The ride is bumpier because it is a hardtail but is considerably lighter. I have read that 29ers can be slower to turn in tight situations but did not find that to be the case with mine. My only complaint is the cheap seat that came with the bike. I also replace the pedals immediately with clip ins. Good value on Amazon.