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  • ccb2 - The Best ANTI-American Short Stories 2011

    I should have known when the editor (not to be confused with the GUEST editor) said the functional equivalent of "Americans and their petty problems bore me. Send me a story--maybe two!--that mention Lagos and THEN my interest will be piqued!"--this was not going to be the collection for me. Still, I read on, ignoring the red flags being waved when the guest editor--an Australian w/a Pulitzer--expressed her struggles at selecting worthy examples of short stories with "honest emotion" before imparting to the (hopefully) Godless youth the "wisdom" that true American writing can only be formed after having "authentic life experiences" = spending time in...gross European train stations(?). I am ashamed to say..I read on.

  • A. Wayne Parker - Sufficient

    I've been using this program and it's upgrades since 2006 when I switched to Mac. Prior to 2011 the program worked fairly effortlessly. I cannot say the same for the 2011 version with all it's added bells and whistles.

  • Justin H - 4 runner = spotless

    bought these for my new trail edition 4runner, having had a set in my 03 tacoma. In my opinion no better floor mat on the market. Perfect fit. Easy to clean, and the lesson learned is if the weather tech sticker ever falls off, its nothing a bit of super glue can't fix. Kept my resale value high on the Taco because the mud and rocks I subjected it'd never be able to tell looking at the 10 year old carpet.