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  • Steve - Green Food Coloring

    OK this buy was a big mistake. I failed to read the reviews and generally really good at that. As many have mentioned the only thing this was good at was turning my fingers green. I bought the product, and before it was delivered and I went back to read the reviews. Many mention the green hands and fingers so I tried to be extra careful, but no luck. The powder is like a magnet I guess for hands. In my opinion it is only green food coloring and does not wash off easily. The connections on the container leaked so bad I laughed because it had said on the directions to keep it for refills. After it was empty went right in the recycle bin. It wasn't leaking where the hose connected, but between the green fitting and the blue handle. I had to hold my hand over that to prevent taking a shower.

  • Mike T - Saitek PRO Flight Switch Panel (PZ55)

    The Saitek PRO Flight Switch Panel I think is a cockpit must. Even if your not flying aircraft with retrackable landing gear, to go through the proccess of turn engine off and on along with the check list of the other switches makes for a very real flying experence.

  • R. S. Tarnove - Fun for those who like interesting factoids

    I don't know how accurate the information in this book is, I have no reason to doubt anything the author says. I just enjoy books like this with interesting facts and history. Lots of topics covered. Only complaint: the "bonus" facts are white type in a black box and are hard to read on my kindle without increasing the font size.

  • K. Ryder - The chairs are comfortable for lounging

    The chairs are comfortable for lounging, for my 125 lb 5'5' frame, but not so much for my 6' 280 lb hubby. The locking mechanism doesn't work well at all. The website also gave inaccurate weight capacity- web site said 300 lb weight limit. After receiving the chairs, the info from the manufacturer said the weight limit was 250 lbs. Had I known that I never would have bothered.