Five Natural Tooth Ache Remedies That Work | How to Get Rid of Your Tooth Ache When You Have Dentist Phobia? - Dental infection, tooth decay, injury or loss of tooth/teeth is probably the most typical causes of dental discomfort, popularly known as tooth ache. Dental

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  • Rhin0 - 5 Star Reviewers -- this was their only product review

    18 out of the 25 five-star reviewers had this as their only product review. Of the remaining 7, a few seemed legit, a few had only 1 other product review, one girl said she was in the commercial, and another girl had 6 pages of reviews but not a single amazon verified purchase.

  • jjswan33 - Great bike for this price.

    For the price of the bike the features are great. I wanted the disc brakes and the higher end components. The shifters could be better.

  • B. Morris - No more "Eggs Roulette"

    After buying my 2014 Escape it didn't take long for me to discover that the carpet in the cargo area is pretty slick. Slick as in I'd be coming home from the grocery store only to hear the 12 pack of sodas sliding around. My wife called it eggs roulette. You drive home and hope the sodas didn't take out the carton of eggs. So I got one of these.

  • Tanya L. Osterman - BEST version by far.

    I agree with everyone who feels this is the very best version of this story ever put to film. Everything about it is wonderful; but indeed, it is the acting in the scenes following the visits by the Ghosts which makes this movie stand out. Anyone who watches those scenes, wherein Scrooge is rejoicing, without feeling it in his or her own heart is a real life Scrooge... and a humbug!

  • G. Godfrey - a good well researched book that falls in line with my ...

    Dinesh, a good well researched book that falls in line with my world view. That's all I am going to say about the book because I realize I am conservative and a liberal/progressive minded person would not like the content of the book nor agree with very much in the book. So, if you're a conservative or have wondered what the liberal/progressives were up to and where they are coming from I believe Mr. D-Souza's book is enlightening, if you're a liberal/progressive and you don't like getting upset then this book is not for you. All of this is my opinion of course...