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  • Jess - Some Gameplay flaws

    I love FIFA. And I have played every single FIFA ever since ps-one. The game plays great and I have no problems with it, functionality wise. But there are 2 major annoying aspects about this game.

  • ventingisok - just my experience

    First, I have 1996 F150 I6 2wd, little over 100k miles. NJ suburban driving. About 20K ago, the p/s made more whine, no leaks. Not knowing much, I used Lucas stop leak based on fan reviews in F150 sites. No difference. About 5K ago, I replaced the p/s pump with autozone reman. Same Lucas fluid. A lot less whine and all's good.

  • Aaron Strauser - E35 Elliptical Review

    Overall this is an excellent product. I tried several other brands but none had the build quality as the Sole. That being said, the motor was bad essentially right out of the box. The box arrived and the driver was great to put it into the garage. It is packed so tightly you have to cut the box away from it. It assembled pretty easily within an hour. I turned it on to try it. It worked fine. My wife got on and tried to increase the eleveation. She got a motor error and the screen wouldn't show anything else. It was just after Christmas so Sole was very busy. It took about 2 weeks to get it resolved. They sent the parts and scheduled a technician to come replace the motor. It has been working very well ever since.

  • patricia_grace - Good low impact workout

    Great for someone just starting a fitness program. You can increase your heart rate by varying your speed and following the suggested exercises included in the product booklet. I have never used any exercise equipment for as long as I've used this one. (One draw back: after a bit of exercising, my feet feel as though they are going slightly numb, or "going to sleep". This is probably owing to poor circulation in my legs, but thought it was worth a mention).