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  • Tacy Cloninger - Love it.

    I've tried a lot of products and this is my favorite. I do combine it with a nice leave in conditioner but if i spray it on 4 layers of roots (each side of the had), blow dry it up, flip over blue dry, then lightly ratt with a pic... my hair is up and weightlessly fluffy ALL day. No more hairspray ratted hair. I have long fine hair.


    I take 2 before bed and sleep like a baby!! Plus you don't wake up with that hang over feeling. Before I starting taking Kava I would wake up at least a dozen times a night, so I was never truly getting RESTFUL sleep, and it seemed as though no matter how many hours I slept I was always tired when I woke up. I attribute that to waking up so much during the night. But since taking Kava I only wake up once or twice and thats just to use the bathroom, so I'm waking up for a reason as opposed to waking up just because! I have a more scheduled sleep pattern now as well, I sleep between 7-8 hours and wake feeling refreshed and ready to go. I will def purchase again, and again, and again!

  • Amazon Customer - just dance

    My first shopping experience from Amazon(US),is awesome,the price was good,I have a better feeling than shopping on TB. The game is perfect for party with friends,40 songs enough for me,is you want more,better try the gold edition.

  • Cins11 - BEST Natural pH balanced feminine spray!

    I have very sensitive skin, and this feminine spray is wonderful! It helps keep my *bits* fresh, clean, and never irritates. This product is on my go-to favorites list!