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  • Michael Ryan - It's very good.

    This monitor is definitely good. Everything I expected in terms of low input lag. Also the adjustable stand is the best I've ever had. Easy to adjust while still feeling sturdy. Really solid engineering.

  • Courtney B. - Exceeded my expectations

    This stuff is amazing! After one brushing with it my teeth were noticeably lighter. And my dentist was very impressed with the lack of tartar on my teeth after using this stuff. One small thing: make sure you are careful of your gums because it is easy to rough them up if you brush normally. I brushed exclusively on my teeth with this stuff and then again after normally to get the extra bits of black out (not that it got stuck, but its hard to make sure you spit out every tiny bit in your mouth, so the extra brushing ensured that it was all gone). It doesn't taste bad either, the other ingredients in it help to mask the charcoal flavor. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a cruelty free product!

  • janean - Perfect for removing peach fuzz on face.

    Love these! Work great for dermaplaning or shaving off peach fuzz. I recommend face oil or lotion for a smoother glide. Will buy again. Look up Michelle Money's, YouTube video for face shaving with these.

  • Anne G. Dolan - The book was much smaller than I expected and there ...

    The book was much smaller than I expected and there was no way to differentiate between the coins minted in Denver and those minted in Philadelphia. I returned it.

  • TV Rain - Good Stuff

    I like this product, you have to find the method that works for your hair. I am a type 4b, I use this with a wash and wear style for my natural hair. I use the KC Leave in Conditioner and comb through my hair. Then I use a bit of KCCC through my hair, then I use IC gel. I alternate whether I use KCCC before or after the IC gel, it doesn't make much difference but the KCCC really smells good so when I put it on after I get compliments about how good my hair smells.

  • Dana Brooks - This product does work

    I am an African American-Cuban mix women with 3b/3c hair type. I decided to try this product on my hair as it began to thin, was limp, shedding and didn't have any luster, body or style. My hair had also seemed to stopped growing and was unhealthy. I had been wearing braids for several months to allow my hair to rest, but it did not provide the results that I had hoped for with my hair. I started fresh with a wash, deep condition and a trim (about 1/2 inch) at the end of February. I began using the product 1x per week on my scalp and during this time, I wore a wig to limit the amount of combing, brushing and styling that I needed to do during the week. I continued to wash my hair every two weeks, with my normal regimen. After about thirty days, I noticed that my hair had weight to it when it was wet, which was different than before. The appearance of my scalp wasn't as visible. I wore my hair in pin curls under the wigs and my hair was able to retain curls for almost two weeks, whereas, previously, my hair wouldn't hold a curl for more than twenty four hours. On days when I did not use the wig (weekends), I was able to begin to see that my hair had bounce, would hold curls and didn't look limp anymore. I used the oil around my hairline and within this time frame, I noticed a light shadow of hair where my hair had previously receded after the birth of one of my children almost fifteen years ago, so that was impressive. After sixty days and no wig, my hair has thickened, looks and feels healthy, does not shed as much and has grown almost two inches. After my trim in February, my hair fell just below my jaw line. After sixty days ( end of April), it touches my collar bone. I would recommend this product to someone who is trying to restore the health of their hair and scalp, as part of a hair care regimen. I plan to continue using this product and ordering again for regular use as my hair oil.

  • Brogan13 - This product is terrible. Sticking to a strict healthy diet along with ...

    This product is terrible. Sticking to a strict healthy diet along with juice plus shakes, I PUT ON weight. The product claims to make you feel better and look better. I became bloated with it and felt like I had less energy. And to top it off, for complaining about the lack of success I had from the product, i had uncomfortable and cheeky messages sent to me by some reps of juice plus claiming I was wrong about It. So after not having any success with the product, I also wasn't allowed an opinion on my experience. WOULDNT RECOMMEND