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  • hackkerone - Lots of Extra features to make your daily PC environment safer!

    I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security for 6 years and after I discovered Amazon, I continue to come back. I'm pretty thorough in my price shopping and when it comes to price, no one I know beats Amazon, not even close. Don't be concerned about saving additional money by buying an open package, I've done it when available, no problems. . Of the top 5 like products, the companies engage in adding, improving features, etc., by leap frogging each other so I guess I MIGHT have found something a little better, however, Kaspersky has been stable, no crashes, easy to fine tune. I especially like the "Virtual Keyboard" and the "Safe Money" apps included in the package, read about them as space here is too little to cover adequately. Stick witb the Internet Security package, costs a little more but seriously worth it.

  • Rjcarner - The best primer I have found

    So I have combination skin (oily/dry) and have found that most primers don't really do any good and leave me looking horrible and make the eye shadow just smear. Definitely not the case with this primer. I don't really have to use a lot and it stays on all day. I am super pale and was worried it would be too dark, but it blends in perfectly with my foundation.

  • A. P Young - This is So Stupid!!! Read my post first.

    OMG what a Stupid movie. the aliens are so absoulte in power they could imagian us dead. and we can beat them the first time. the first move was good. now they are so powerful it is a joke we could think to beat them again. they are even more powerful than before by far. we have their weapons and ships and still cant touch them. when 8 guys with their lazer hand guns cant hit one large alien with no weapons from 15 feet away and one guy with machetes can slide from across 20 feet under the legs of the alien and come from behind and stab it to death... LOL what a Joke and a waste of money. the entire move is complete trash. dont wast you time or money.

  • Patricia Y - Not quite what I thought

    The texture of the mat was a little different than what I was expecting, although for the price it suffices. I took other buyer's advice and aired it out before bringing it into the house and had no problem.