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  • C.A. Bond - Pretty helpful

    I have used this product in the past and when the scale creeped up a bit on me I went back to it. I find it helps control my appetite while I use it in conjunction with calorie counting (I hate counting, but it works). I have much more self control using this product. This help allows me to make better food choices rather than feeling starved and caving in to some craving. I can only take one pill twice a day. Two pills at once is too much for me. I often only take the morning pill, but I sometimes take an afternoon pill if I am feeling too hungry and worried I might cheat. I have sleep problems and this will exacerbate those if I take more than one pill twice daily. However, one afternoon pill seems to clear my system enough to not interfere with my sleep too much.

  • Book Baby - Disappointing-not nearly as fun or interesting as previous versions

    I've purchased quite a few of these Guinness World Record books for my 7th grade students, and they are always a hit, with the exception of this most recent 2013 version. Previous editions are full of photos, drawing readers irresistably through fascinating/horrifying images of five-foot fingernails or hundreds of facial piercings. But this new edition is mostly tiny text -- SNOOZE! Maybe Guinness finally started to run out of creepy pictures. Had to happen sometime!

  • John Foster - This really isn't a great cookbook, but no one expected it to be

    This really isn't a great cookbook, but no one expected it to be. I does contain a lot of British recipes which reveal that some of the things that Harry and his friends think are great, are really pretty awful. It is a useful companion to the Harry Potter books, and my granddaughter loved it.