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  • Starr Moore - In love.

    I absolutely love this tattoo lotion. It not only moisturizes my new tatto, but it also brightens up my old ones too.

  • Miami Gypsy - Amazing!

    After malnutrition due to a long illness my hair was very thin. After about 6 months of using this product my hair is full and thick and gorgeous again!

  • Kyle - This is a great alternative to five hour energy or other energy shots

    This is a great alternative to five hour energy or other energy shots. You decide what drink you want to put the caffeine in so you can take out the guessing about ingredients, etc. I tried it in a juice and liked it - You just peel off the sticky label and put it in the drink for a minute or two. There are 6 in a bag and at $12 that is a little cheaper than five hour energy. Def. gave me a boost and didn't feel like too much. A much lighter alternative as well than carrying around heavy bottles. I liked this! I received this discounted product in exchange for a review.

  • A. Frankenfield - Better sleep, fewer Tourette's Syndrome tics

    Love this mat! I sit at a desk all day for work and can't always get outside for a regular barefoot walk. I can feel my feet and legs start to tingle as the electrons are absorbed through my feet. It's very subtle, but noticeable. I have noticed that in addition to making some changes to my diet so that I'm consuming more electrolytes, my FitBit says I am sleeping better at night with fewer disturbances. Lastly, I have Tourette's Syndrome, and I have noticed that I have fewer tics when I keep my feet on the mat.

  • Jace Byers - Comfy, fitting, and perfect!

    Nike has outdone itself once again with its shoes! As a Nike fan, you will enjoy putting these shoes on every single day until you wear them out. After putting your feet into the Nike Flex 2015’s, you will feel as if you are walking on the clouds. The comfort level of this shoe is unimaginable until you actually get the chance of putting them on for yourself. People who enjoy to run, or workout in any way should go out and find a style of this shoe!

  • Amazon Customer - It looks and feels sturdy and I like the esthetics of it

    It looks and feels sturdy and I like the esthetics of it. The only thing that bothers me is that I can fit my credit card, my ID and my subway card there but whenever I need the one that is not at the very top, I have to take all 3 out as there isn't a way to just slide one out. Overall, I'm satisfied and I would buy this product again. The shipping was fast and reliable.

  • "Professional" Volunteer - Piston

    This piston is a real pistol. Keeps the water where is should be as well as keeps the water where it should not be.