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  • Jamara - Amazing Author& book!

    This is my first time reading from this author, and I have to say that she doesn't disappoint. Her writing is very engaging. I'm not even finished with this book but I'm almost to the end. I love the plot line, loved all the point of views from the different characters including the killer, and how everything is all connected together. I'm definitely going to read the other two books in this series. I have already brought Buried. I'm ready to read Michael's story

  • t2000 - not as pictured

    Very dissapointed!!! There were multiple pictures showing a box with 4 bottles of the garden blend and 4 bottles of the orchard blend. I received only one of each making two bottles total. Nowhere on the listing did it say only one bottle of each until now on this review.

  • Tangodancer - Effective but be careful!

    BE CAREFUL! This product does work well but be sure to read the cautions carefully. If you get diarrhea stop. Take a smaller than directed dosage & don't take over an extended period of time (such as 2 months-I read elsewhere not on product to take over several months for colon cleanse to be effective). It contains irritants that can cause painful inflammations, this happened to me & when iI stopped taking the pills the inflammation slowly receded. I however did not heed directions when I began having diarrhea. So use product, is effective but be careful. Follow directions & listen to your body.

  • L. Sellin - The irredeemables

    This is a collection of stories with people who ruminate about what is the evil in their insides or who deny the problems they have (drugs, drink, sexual excesses, thievery). There is the mother whose children leave with their father when her biting of them, her very attempt to eat them, gets to be too much. And then they all die. I think my favorite story was the one with the guy who suddenly realizes that all his friends are getting divorced and there he is with a pregnant wife, dreaming of a cabin of his own. It was interesting to read the narratives by the O. Henry Prize jurors who selected the stories and the write-ups from the authors about the inspiration for the stories they wrote.

  • Alan E. Schmidt - Furry Feet

    My girlfriend had moved in 2 months ago. It was time to meet the parents. I needed to present myself and show my worthiness of this goddess they call their daughter.