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Home - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is a professional membership organisation and registered charity representing A&E and emergency medicine doctors. It works to promote excellence in practice and shape health policy in the interests of patients.

  • http://rcem.ac.uk/RCEM/News/News_2016/RCEM_Northern_Ireland_welcomes_the_Bengoa_report.aspx RCEM Northern Ireland welcomes the Bengoa report - NEWS - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) Northern Ireland welcomes the Bengoa report into reforming health care in Northern Ireland, alongside Health Minister Michelle O'Neill’s vision for reforming the health care system.
  • http://rcem.ac.uk/RCEM/News/News_2016/RCEM_welcomes_Nuffield_report__It_s_all_about_flow_.aspx RCEM welcomes Nuffield report ‘It’s all about flow’ - NEWS - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine welcomes this insightful report from the Nuffield Trust analysing the problems caused by congested hospitals.
  • http://rcem.ac.uk/RCEM/News/News_2016/Training_more_doctors_in_the_UK.aspx Training more doctors in the UK - This morning’s news that the Secretary of State is to promise to an extra 1,500 training places at UK medical schools is to be welcomed but does not go far enough.
  • http://rcem.ac.uk/RCEM/News/News_2016/RCEM_joins_road_safety_groups_and_emergency_services_to_call_for_lower_drink_driving_limit_.aspx RCEM joins road safety groups and emergency services to call for lower drink driving limit - NEWS - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has joined a wide range other groups calling for MPs to reduce the UK’s high drink driving limit.
  • http://rcem.ac.uk/RCEM/News/News_2016/Letter_to_the_Times_-_Response_to_Health_Secretary_s_training_promise.aspx Letter to the Times - Response to Health Secretary's training promise - NEWS - Sir, The promise made by the Health Secretary to create an extra 1,500 training places at medical schools is to be welcomed for the very long term but raises further issues.
  • http://rcem.ac.uk/RCEM/News/News_2016/New_Royal_College_of_Emergency_Medicine_President_begins_term.aspx New Royal College of Emergency Medicine President begins term - NEWS - Dr Tajek Hassan has officially taken up the post of President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.Dr Hassan, an Emergency Medicine Consultant at Leeds General Infirmary, was officially sworn in at the College’s AGM on Tuesday 20 Septe

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  • Ralph Baker - Tom Horn does a thorough investigation of the coming anti ...

    Tom Horn does a thorough investigation of the coming anti Christ . An in depth view of the involvement of the deities that men worship from the beginning of Egypt to the the design of the U.S. capital. Trans-humanism, illuminati , free masons. the count down perhaps begun in 2012?

  • Marvin Cavanaugh II - Will let cool down, then add second half of bottle

    I have a 97 pontiac grand am se with what appears to be a small head gasket leak..... After trying this product.....15 mins in..... White smoke is almost completly gone.... I will post again with results!

  • John F. Monahan - Too thick for its dispenser

    Good product, bad pump. I even ran a wire through the pickup and still had trouble blowing through the tube. After cleaning the pickup and the pump thoroughly, it would only draw about an inch of product into the pickup tube before stopping. Tossed the pump, squeezing it out of the bottle and not buying it again.

  • tlruggles - I love this diffuser

    I love this diffuser!! I REALLY like that you have the option to turn the lights off, or leave it on a solid color, or let them changes. This is a great feature, as I know some other brands don't allow that!

  • cassidy anne - I know it usually makes it worse but when you have acne you usually want to ...

    I am 22 years old with combination/acne prone skin. Ive had acne since I was in fifth grade and all throughout my high school years I had SEVERE acne. I went on prescription stuff to get rid of it but I still get breakouts now and again and Ive had scarring and dark marks for years. I started using liquid foundations and powders to try to cover up my skin. I know it usually makes it worse but when you have acne you usually want to do everything you can to hide it. I finally bought this stuff about a month ago and ive been using it morning and night every day. I have ALSO stopped wearing skin makeup on my face. The constant redness is gone, about half the spots are faded/gone as well. This product is fantastic...smells great, its SUPER light and not sticky at all...and the quality of my skin has improved by soooo much. My boyfriend is constantly telling me my skin looks healthier...he didn't even know I was using this stuff til 2 days ago. I will be updating and posting before and after pictures when I'm done with the bottle. I am about halfway through now.

  • K. Binkley - NOT HAPPY

    I purchased QB Pro 2010 and downloaded it to my new Windows 7 to only have problem after problem. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with Intuit to only find out that I have to purchase a monthy tech support plan from them. What is that about? Why should I have to pay a monthly fee for a program that they never made correctly? I am trying to run a buisness and am unablt to print, email, pay bills, ect which is everything that I need this software to do. QB has cost me a lot of money now. Should I be charging them a monthly fee for my time spent on the phone with them? My last call was made two days ago only to be told to upgrade my Pro edition to the Premier edition so that I will not have anymore problems. Stupid me..I did it and am STILL having the same problem. I think Intuit really needs to get their act together and figure out how to fix these problems. I do not recommend this product. Stick with your older versions.