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Recovery Resiliency for Life - Ranch at Dove Tree - Providing expert professional alcohol and drug addiction treatment in a warm, supportive environment creates recovery resiliency for life.

  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-rehab/ Drug Rehab - Ranch at Dove Tree - Drug rehab is about more than committing to quitting. Not using drugs is easy when in the supported, structured and monitored environment of treatment.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/customized-alcohol-rehab/ Customized Alcohol Rehab - Ranch at Dove Tree - Customized alcohol rehab at Dove Tree also includes extensive and detailed family support and after care services to help continue the process.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-treatment-programs/ Drug Treatment Programs - Ranch at Dove Tree - At Dove Tree, we provide long-term services in our drug treatment programs to clients and their families in these levels of care
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-treatment-programs/drug-detox-program/ Drug Detox Program - Ranch at Dove Tree - The Ranch at Dove Tree is adamant that each person’s drug detox program treatment plan is created and implemented based on their unique needs.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-treatment-programs/collegiate-recovery-program/ Residential Drug Abuse Program - Ranch at Dove Tree - Our residential drug abuse program provides individualized professional treatment divided between our Collegiate and Traditional Programs.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-treatment-programs/resiliency-program/ Dove Tree's Resiliency Program - Ranch at Dove Tree - Our resiliency program will help you build extra coping skills and address underlying issues fueling addiction, to build a successful long-term recovery.  
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-treatment-programs/intensive-outpatient-program/ Intensive Outpatient Program - Ranch at Dove Tree - We exceed the standards of most other intensive outpatient program by choosing to have 2-3 professions co-facilitate each group.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-treatment-programs/transitional-living/ Transitional Living Program - Ranch at Dove Tree - Clients at The Ranch at Dove Tree are not required to take part in each of our levels of care, but are welcome to utilize the transitional living program.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/drug-treatment-center/ Drug Treatment Center - Ranch at Dove Tree - We encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about our exceptional drug treatment center at The Ranch at Dove Tree!
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/about-us/ About Us - Ranch at Dove Tree - We are one of the nation's leaders of collegiate-focused addiction and behavioral health comprehensive treatment with recovery resiliency services.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/about-us/photo-gallery/ Photo Gallery - Ranch at Dove Tree - The Ranch at Dove Tree is privately owned and addiction services are operated in five Lubbock, TX locations. The flagship facility is on 15 spacious acres.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/about-us/brochures/ Downloadable Brochures - Ranch at Dove Tree - Thank you for considering the Ranch at Dove Tree. Our team is ready to help you, or your loved one, on the road to recovery.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/about-us/alumni/ Alumni - Ranch at Dove Tree - We’re grateful to be a part of the lives being transformed from pain and addiction to health and happiness and consider our alumni as part of our family
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/contact/employment-opportunities/ Employment Opportunities - Ranch at Dove Tree - Take a look at the current employment opportunities available at The Ranch at Dove Tree. Click a link and download the application
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/blog Blog - Ranch at Dove Tree - On this page you will find blog articles related to addiction, alcoholism, recovery, and more from Ranch at Dove Tree. 
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/for-you/ Treatment For You - Ranch at Dove Tree - Recovery from addiction or disorder is a challenging task, and we recognize that everyone’s recovery journey is slightly different.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/for-families/ For Families - Ranch at Dove Tree - The Ranch at Dove Tree provides many unique, personalized addiction recovery treatment options for each client in a home like environment.
  • http://ranchatdovetree.com/for-professionals/ For Professionals - Ranch at Dove Tree - At the Ranch at Dove Tree, we understand that you want the best addiction treatment and counseling support for your client and their families.

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  • Karen Stegman - Convenient

    The directions were easy to follow. If you need something fast and easy this is the product for you.

  • Julia - Dashcam

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. So easy to install and use. The video is clearer than I've seen on other dashcams.

  • alexandra almonte - Tight

    When I saw all the video I thought it would fit two kids but my kids are tight like sardine space inside is really small for two kids

  • Ashley DellAquila - Delicious

    I love my yonanas. Yeah, it's a little loud but it's no worse than a normal food processor or blender. And I don't get why people keep complaining about the ice cream being left behind inside, all you have to do is twist the thing off and scoop it out with a spoon. Not a big deal. But be sure to actually follow the directions. You HAVE to let the bananas thaw a bit before feeding them through or you'll blow out the motor

  • Ron and Tori Brown - Not bad

    Keeps windshield area cooler. Vertical size is good, however horizontal sides leave a couple of inches of open windshield on both sides. I have a 2013 sedan.