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  • Gerald - Just meh

    I'm sorry, but I found this album to be a little boring, and I prefer Born Sinner to this one. It's not terrible, but it's not anything groundbreaking either. Overrated...I think the reason why people get so excited about it is that it's better than a lot of other mainstream rap records. However, just because it is better than the rest doesn't mean it is a classic. I didn't feel like J.Cole really brought anything different to the table, and if he did, it didn't exactly make me vibe. Shrug. Not my thing, I guess.

  • glenn b - Invisible but always protective suite...best security investment ever!!

    Owned Kaspersky for about 6 months........simple to install, always vigilant protection, never intrusive........can't get better than this. I transitioned from an occasionally problematic MacAfee suite..........will remain with Kaspersky forever. Regarding those 'free' security software offers.......... I can't envision that any 'free' software can be as good as something you pay for, and it's only a nominal cost for such HUGE benefits. Never has my computer ever been compromised.........simply boots up and functions like 'new' every day.......thank you Kaspersky.

  • David - Worth every dollar.

    I'm a CPA in public practice. I prepare tax returns and field questions. The CPAs I office with have copies of the book throughout their firm. When I asked questions or when they were asked questions by colleagues, JKL was one of first sources referenced. My tax library is used for the complex questions; JKL, for the simple issues. Frequently clients ask questions which would take pages of e-mail text to answer. I copy the relevant pages in JKL, scan, and send the answer. My "research" starts with the table of contents - in a few pages I know the chapter where the topic is discussed. The index is very well done. JKL is a great resource.

  • hailstormer - Overpriced!!

    This product's active ingredient is 25 milligrams of dyphenhydramine (probably incorrectly spelled) My point is It's the same thing as Benedryl, which is available as generic. I paid 5 dollars for 12 tablets of Nyquil zzz. At wal-mart, you can get 100 tablets of the same thing as a generic for 4 dollars. If you want the name brand Benedryl, you can get 100 tabs for about 10 dollars. You do the math!!!!!! It's just a money maker for the company!!!!!

  • Drew D. - What are they charging for this? It should be ...

    What are they charging for this? It should be free. The parents need to know the rules and this was developed with tax payer funds!!