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  • Riki - Warm, Fragrant and Soothing

    I really like this tea. It has a naturally sweet taste without the use of any added sweeteners. (There are no artifical sweeteners added to this tea. Check out the complete ingredients list shown in the Label Information area.)

  • Karolina Mayers - 4 just for the doubts, but great

    Great game. Came new from the package. It sometimes freezes up when playing a song, but I actually think that's my Xbox doing. I totally recommend it!

  • Praiser - This is great to carry in your pocketbook

    This is great to carry in your pocketbook. So when you use the lavatory when you go out, you just spray this and you leave a nice smelling fragrance behind yourself. I was always taught that whenever you go into anyone's lavatory make sure you leave it clean and smelling nice because this speaks well of you. That's my upbringing and this spray helps me to follow through with my upbringing. Thank you amazon for having this poo-pourri spray. Great, just stick it in your pocketbook.

  • Jeanette - Lots of fun but useful at the same time

    Love love love it. Lots of room to list appointments and great pictures to color along the way. Spiral binding makes it really easy to use. Thick pages so I have not had anything bleed through yet (I have not used my alcohol markers though - I do think they would bleed)

  • Amazonreviewer1992 - This is perfect for my amazon fire tablet

    This is perfect for my amazon fire tablet! It's thick enough for all around protection, but thin enough so it isn't too bulky! The case also doubles as a stand with its magnetic hold so you can use it perfectly like a kick stand. It is super easy to flip open. Its literally perfect fit! My other case was loose so my amazon tablet would slip out a few times, but that hasn't happened once with this case! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

  • C. Shellen - The clear winner among laptop messenger bags

    I researched and researched laptop messenger bags for my husband and this was the clear winner. I'm happy to report it's even more brilliant in person than it was online! So much thought was put into everything in the bag - my husband says it's the best work bag he's ever owned.

  • MAllsman - Awesome Product!

    Lucas products are by far the best $ can buy. Had leak on 1992 Honda Civic. Took car to shop and they wanted $300 to fix. I totally drained power steering fluid and filled back up with lucas stop leak. It continued to leak for 1 week. I filled back up with another half bottle and the leak stopped! Would recommend.