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  • T. Krause - Outstanding hardware/software combo

    I've tried several blood pressure monitors, but this one is by far the best. I find it to be the most consistently accurate among 4 different monitors I purchased. Also, the software really allows one to chart the history of several users and to understand the meanings of different results. Oddly, the stand also acts as a nice charging device for an i-Pad or i-Phone, as well as a good reading stand.

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    First of all, you should use a Vitamin based cream on your skin. It's the most beneficial. Other commercial products charge too much and are wax based. They rely on brand loyalty and not results. This one absorbs beautifully and leaves the skin feeling silky. I purchased it on Amazon and the value can't be beat. As an older woman, I would highly recommend this product and think women should start using it in their 20s. I use Good'n'Natural Retinol Cream in the evening and this during the day. My skin has more clarity after just two weeks of use.

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    i used many different kinds of volleyballs but this one feels so good and it has some crazy movement.i would have to say the one bad thing is that it stings alittle when your bumbing it,i didnt mind it but the other players( mens & women) had said it...I do not regret buying this ball matter of fact im happy that i did, it is very easy to see and has a great feal to it when your hand setting thanks mikasa for making a very good ball bill

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    Feels like the spiritual successor to This Binary Universe and If the Stars are Eternal So are You and I but deeper and with more texture. Almost the entire album gave me goosebumps throughout.

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    First, let me start by saying I bought this at full price with my own money. Now that you know that I did not get mine for free, let's proceed with the review.