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  • pjbb - Lots of plusses. Best buy so far. Only time will tell.

    Power can be too strong, so it is necessary to pay attention to the setting on the wand. I can't figure out how to stop the pulsing, which I do not like at all. However, the strength is a plus factor. The noise factor is pretty strong, but I've never heard one that wasn't. I love the way the wand cord winds neatly back into a specific location and does not get entangled or block the repositioning of the wand and tip for storage. My past water floss units have had similarly curled cords, but they had no specific home so they eventually got out of control and in the way of putting the wand on its stand. The water reservoir holds plenty of volume. I fill about half full with warm water and add a small amount of mouthwash. I have had three units in the past. The first lasted well over 10 years, the 2nd and 3rd less than one year each. It will be interesting to see how long this one lasts. I would love to see this design streamlined for travel. I have older travel units (the exact models are still sold) that hold water in an attached reservoir and are also super loud. I have to angle the attached all-in-one unit to get the tip to teeth and it moves the water away from the hole that carries water to the tip. I would love to see this H2ofloss unit stream lined for holding fewer tips (an amazing number of tips!) and less water (about half?), pluggable still, and retain the wand cord for travel! There are tips for tongue, several for braces or periodontal disease, and one for sinus irrigation. I need a straight water source tip and I might like the sinus irrigation once I try it - unknown yet. The enclosed two pieces to arrange tips in the holding reservoir were so confusing I tossed them in recycles and dropped the extra tips in the storage unit. Perhaps the price of the main unit could be lowered, the two fitting thingys eliminated, and these amazingly varied tips offered for a decent price as accessories - like $1 or less each for those who need or want them. Summary: Good water power, neat storage for cord/wand, lots of accessory tips, and a nice-enough design that I'd love to see it in a travel version at least half or less than the current size. Sound insulation would be nice. I will update if this unit fails as quickly as the last three (another brand) did!

  • Misty p Harris - ... and I still have it and it is the best bike I have just like I say ride kink ...

    I got this bmx bike a long time ago and I still have it and it is the best bike I have just like I say ride kink or ride nothing

  • Johnnyhixson - This is the best computer I've ever owned and I've owned a few.

    This is the best computer I've ever owned and I've owned a few. The screen is a brilliant and sharp IPS style. The skull candy speakers sound fantastic. The back lit key board is a must. I bought the one with the I3 processor. This thing is fast. Boots up in like 5 seconds. Connects to the internet fast. You really surf fast. Pages load fast. There is nothing I cannot do on this laptop. I did my taxes. I do banking. I shop. I download photos and up load them to the cloud. This comes with the Chrome operating system which gives yo everything. Password memory, form fill ability. This thing is also secure from viruses, worms and Trojans. You don't need anti-virus because this thing just clears itself when you shut it down.

  • MG C - Kept up at night by the models used by the justice system -- is BIG DATA at Fault?

    My husband called me to listen to this mornings Executive Edge CNBC report on "Big Data" . Once I got past the headlines seemly bent on scaring us to get our attention -- privacy and know all - be all- implications of data analysis going astray, I kept listening because it hit a nerve.

  • TNCHARGER - Kick in the back shifts!

    I installed the Tranzformer in my 2007 Charger SRT8 about a year ago. I could not believe how quick and hard the transmission shifted with the default settings set at about 40%. I thought someone had ran into the back of my car when it shifted from 1st to 2nd at about 25% throttle.

  • Kathryn Simmermon - We really don't like these seats

    We really don't like these seats. Both of my girls complain that they are uncomfortable and after an hour car ride, we have lots of tears. They look great, however...