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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • James O. Thach - A miracle cure

    This is an amazing product. My wife and I recently had our first baby, and to our horror, he came out completely bald. It was heart-breaking-- a parent's worst nightmare. We still loved him, but we weren't ready for a special needs child. Luckily, our midwife turned us onto Baby Don't Be Bald. We've been rubbing Crispin's head with this for three months, and believe it or not, he's growing hair. It's a miracle.

  • J. rios - Stinky

    I am a longtime user of biosilk and am VERY familiar with the product. I placed this last order through in the amazon marketplace. WHAT'S IN A NAME? well, the product i received was definitely not biosilk but some awful smelling, very runny liquid that is tring to pass off as the real deal. i contacted the site to hear their side...well nothing but coupons and ads, but no explanation yet. so , you STINK!!! and so does that awful expensive liquid you sent me. buyer beware and purchase through someone else not these stinkers!!!!!!!!!

  • Doug - Dissappointed

    I could not open this program no matter what. I had my computer updated and still nothing, could not open it up. Something I must say is that I have used program trainings from Professor Teaches many times before and never had any problems.

  • J. A. Cason - So Far, So Good. In Use for a Year

    We keep Fresh Cab pouches in our RV compartments when it's off the road, then we move those packages (if they're still "fresh") to the engines of our cars when we take the RV out for 4-5 weeks at a time. We replace the pouches as we think about it; we aren't totally strict on the 3 months, by the way, although we strive for that. We used to have mice in our car engine compartments a while back; haven't seen hide nor hair (nor droppings) in a long time. RV sits outside in a wooded area known for rodents of all types; so far--after a year--no problems. We like the pleasant smell, too. So far, so good!

  • Ralph Castanza - It works

    I have used snake away for 6 years since moving to North Carolina---(copper Heads).. This seems to work.