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  • MegRee - We're so happy we gave this balm a try

    We're so happy we gave this balm a try! My husband's rough, diabetic feet are in much better shape with once daily use and the rough, dry skin on my knees is better as well. It is definitely worth a try.

  • Builder Girl - love it

    bought this for my daughters scion xd. she loves it! extra storage and a place to rest your arm! added a little perk to her little car!

  • horrorfan123 - A great, rugged off-road style bumper

    A great, rugged off-road style bumper. Much better than the stock Tacoma bumper - weighs about four times as much. Very heavy duty and bolted right on - no problems. A quality product!!

  • Erika Linthicum - Love this

    Great quality planner. Cute and well-organized to include everything you need to keep track of your daily "to-do" list. Recommended!

  • amanda - Unsatisfied is an understatement

    They say you're "guaranteed to pass" with this study book. I reviewed the entire thing cover to cover and failed, along with another classmate who I lent it to. The content review is very vague. The only thing I found helpful were the strategies and the fact that I could download the mobile version on my iPad. Other than that I was not satisfied by any means. Now I know why everyone says to stay away from Kaplan.

  • Slinda - How to begin to database like the big boys

    I started with database programs in the 80's. And began learnng to write expressions with a dos based program called Q&A, so know what it is to sit at a computer screen and growl at it when it doesn't do what you tell it. maybe it wouldn't surprise you if I told you Jo public thinks I'm a crazy person to have bought this program again and to use it, rather than the more basic types, esp since I"m not working, or self employed at the moment. But I'm specific as hell, and wanted something that would offer me power and choices-those that aren't illegal or immoral, that is.

  • L. Hess - Smooth as Silk

    Silky smooth. That's the best way to describe my hair after using this wonderful product. My cupboards are full of beauty products that haven't delivered, but Biosilk Therapy Serum is definitely one that I'll turn to again and again. I use it in conjunction with the hair dryer and a round brush on some days and with a flat iron on others. Even with the harsh heat generated by both items, my hair remains so soft! I don't typically take the time to write reviews, but this is one product that I love. One word of caution, though. Using too much tends to leave the hair a bit oily. I've found that a dime-size portion is perfect.