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  • Bonnie Hoge - Love it

    I love to use this daily. My ends tend to be more on the dry side, so I spray my ends with this. After drying my hair it feels so nice. Not heavy to weigh down, although you do not need to use much and it goes along way. Wonderful product and it is really a 10 to me

  • Jenn M - Great Product!!!!

    I bought Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste last year to clean my oven and it worked well. We are finishing up a remodel and today I stained the trim around the fireplace. When I took the frog tape off I could not believe that the stain was all over the travertine tile. I tried a couple things and nothing worked. I saw the Paste sitting in the cabinet so I grab it a long with some q-tips. I applied it to a tiny area and much to my surprise the miniwax wood stain came right up. I applied the paste to the rest of the area then went over it with a small toothbrush. This product saved me!!!!!! I will be trying this on many things now.

  • maddy - An Anti-Virus WORSE than a virus......

    Bought this program 1 week ago, due to the positive reports on detection rates. Well, it may be great at detection, but it is an incredible system resource hog! When it downloads or updates it uses 90-98% of system resources. While these processes are running it is impossible to connect to the internet or download e-mail or even open programs. It got worse and worse over the course of a week until I finally decided to terminate the program ($29.95 down the drain). Then I discovered that I needed a special program to even remove it. Windows Uninstall won't cut it. It laughs at uninstall. When I finally managed to get it off my computer everything returned to normal. This "anti-virus" is WORSE than a virus. A wolf in sheep's clothing. The worst program I have ever installed, knowingly, on a computer.***M******