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  • Anne M Bailes - Great footage

    I was in France in 2011 and was able to see some of the stages. It was great to actually see the places we visited and try to pick us out of the crowd. Since we only got to see a small portion of the tour, this dvd provided us the opportunity to see what we missed.

  • Carolina Ellis - Whatever you do, don't sneeze!

    I tried these as an alternative to pads and tampons. After watching a few videos on their site, looking through some tutorials, I felt ready to give it a try with a pad as backup, just in case. I found the insertion to be easy and I didn't feel the cup at all. I went about my day and it was all good. Later, the removal was a bit messy but I was expecting as much and I'm not squeamish. I was happy I'd found a great product that seemed to handle my heavy flow effectively.

  • D. AVERY - Easy & Comprehensive

    We have investments and rental property that we track in QuickBooks Pro 2016. It makes it easy to import from existing bank accounts and easy to export to TurboTax when that time arrives every year. Comprehensive in that almost every business report that you need is just a few mouse clicks away.

  • Dennis C. Fawver - The only down side (if you can call it that) is that I wish the clip was black like the rest of the light

    I rated it a 5 star at this price point. $50.00? For this? Oh ya!!! At first I thought I would never use the lowest power setting of this light. I mean it barely puts out any light at all. Who would use this? Well, I do now. I take this flashlight and put it on my nightstand next to the bed. That way when I wake up in the middle of the night and have to take care of some business, this light gives off plenty for me to see but don't wake up the sleeping wife right next to me. The only down side (if you can call it that) is that I wish the clip was black like the rest of the light. The shiny metal clip just don't seem right on this bad black light. The light it puts out is great!

  • duaa - it does not communicate with Internet,

    it does not work, i mean that i could not upgrade my Samsung smart TV, i tried many times. It seems there is a problem with Internet connection as when i unplug the evolution kit, Internet connection works well.

  • whitefang - Multiple uses

    My family and I do a lot of camping, we love camping and the outdoors. We have many flashlights and lanterns (you can never have too many flashlights/lanterns). So I saw this