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  • http://kamagrajelly.e-monsite.com/blog/sorties/ouverture-du-site-de-prenom.html Ouverture du site de Durandana - Ceci est un exemple de billet. Le blog peut vous permettre de parler de votre actualité ou recueillir vos dernières créations, vos pensées, vos recettes de cuisine, vos derniers voyages... Supprimez ou modifier ce billet depuis votre manager (espace d'ad ...

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  • nycinema - You still need the Official HD Service Manual, but ...

    You still need the Official HD Service Manual, but this helps with the bigger picture and makes things clear that can be unclear using the official Service Manuel alone.

  • A. Frankenfield - Better sleep, fewer Tourette's Syndrome tics

    Love this mat! I sit at a desk all day for work and can't always get outside for a regular barefoot walk. I can feel my feet and legs start to tingle as the electrons are absorbed through my feet. It's very subtle, but noticeable. I have noticed that in addition to making some changes to my diet so that I'm consuming more electrolytes, my FitBit says I am sleeping better at night with fewer disturbances. Lastly, I have Tourette's Syndrome, and I have noticed that I have fewer tics when I keep my feet on the mat.

  • CondorCalvo - EASY!

    Covers the scratch I put on my rear bumper, prevents more scratches...easy to install. Just align, peel backing off and press on...

  • J Lee Quinn - Why Pay More?

    The previous year's version of Norton came pre-installed a year or so back when I purchased a new computer. Not being familiar with Norton, I decided to "let it ride." I found that as long as I paid attention, and periodically did the updates and security sweeps, Norton kept me out of trouble. When the first year was up, I had pretty much decided to re-up with the newest version. The surprise was the price - which seemed to be all over the place, from mega-absurdly high to lo-low, depending upon the vendor. Fortunately, Amazon came to the rescue (again!). Bought it here and saved enough loot for some other goodies. Yes, you have to jump through an extra hoop or two, but if a non geek like me can do it, anyone can! Best price on the web for Norton is right here!

  • Wendy Williams - Don't waste your money.

    Very expensive product. If it diminished lines or tightened skin it was not enough to notice. The product has a not so pleasant scent. I would not buy this product again.