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  • Shannon - A Great Record

    I think this album is destined to be divisive. The folks who love it are really going to love it, and vice versa. I see it becoming a cult/ fan favorite album in the vein of Christina Aguilera's album Bionic. There are other Bionic parallels as well. Like that record, I think this one will be misunderstood. It has a more upbeat, experimental first half and a personal, more organic second half. And, for me, it's great. I respect Lady Gaga's restless energy and the fact that she tries different things on her albums. Her ideas don't always work, but I love her creativity and her willingness to give new things a try. Her new approach on this record works very well and she may win herself some new fans with this personal intense record. Listen with an open mind and you may find that you like it too. Highlights for me would be Joanne, Diamond Heart, John Wayne, Come to Mama and Million Reasons. Get the deluxe version for the excellent song Grigio Girls. A Wonderful pop record from the Lady.

  • Eva Anderson - Works with no side affects

    I have been usuing this for a while and it seems to help me loose weight. I take it three times a day and went down a pants size. It is easy to swollow and had no taste. The price is great and I will buy again

  • helpful - Max and Lola Grace make a cute couple. Only ...

    Max and Lola Grace make a cute couple. Only problem is they turn out to be "family" after they have been together. The powers that be work together to make sure this couple does not stand a chance to make it. Lives are destroyed, friendships broken when secrets come out and claims are made to destroy this couple. Once everyone learns the truth, will the couple make it....