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  • Rich - I only wish I could get it at 320k instead of just 256.

    I'm so glad they had this song available as a single download. I just wish they had a little higher bitrate quality

  • David Wuenschell - Best Mapping software available

    Exceeded our expectations. Provides clear maps with plenty of customization to tailor our maps fit our clients' needs. Excellent drive-time mapping and very simple customer database plotting. Light years' better than our previous mapping software.

  • Josh & Nikki Bird - Great price and product.

    My eyelashes are average. They aren't thin or super thick, their not long or super short either. However, I have always wished for even longer fuller lashes. I have tried other products in the past but haven't been satisfied. I like this option given that it is natural. If you use prescription it can be major $$$. They can also irriatate. This caused NO irritation. It is easy to apply also. The brush is super thin which helps you get the most precise application. You still get enough but not too much. I have noticed my lashes after a couple weeks seem fuller and longer so I am happy with this product and would recommend it. The only possible negative I can think of is the last little bit is a little hard to get out. This is a common problem with most products like this so I still gave it a 5 star. I was given this at discount to give my honest unbiased opinion which I did.

  • Kelley L. Hall - Stomach Pains

    This prodcut is not to be used daily. You will find it gives you some pains in your stomach after using it day to day. I've read some of the nasty effects it can have and I think I'm going to use as needed. Great shipping and price though.