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  • Lissa R. Cochrane - Amberen is the only OTC product that has helped!

    I ran out of Amberen and went to my local store to purchase any product that would help with my sudden night sweats and increased hot flashes. I tried another product line that had been recommended on a TV Show. I am unsure if the product will ever work and I don't have 12 weeks to find that out. I ordered Amberen via express mail, got back on the daily dosage, and symptoms were alleviated. Thanks to Amberen I was able to make my 50th birthday party and have a fun weekend in Vegas!

  • Gina Smith - Easy

    Worked pretty easy to whip out a few cards. I haven't gotten into all of the options but think this will suit me fine. The price was right.

  • CarlSr - Office 2010

    Excellent product for self teaching. Very easy to work with. It also allows you go back as often and replay as often as you like.

  • Rebecca - great roof rack - bad instructions

    The only reason I am giving this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the installation instructions that were included with the product. A critical aspect of the written instructions was incorrect, rendering it impossible to fit the roof rack as designed for my Prius C. I called RhinoRack customer service and spoke with a very helpful representative who was able to email me the correct instructions. Despite the faulty instructions, this product has been great and I have been able to comfortably transport my kayak using this rack.

  • cork999 - Dont waist your money

    My husband and I ordered these by their specifications. WAY toooooo tight! It was a struggle just to get them on. Didn't work well either. We are only about15-20 pounds overweight. We just wanted to tighten our abs a bit. We were NOT going for a "bikini" type body. Don't waist your money!

  • Shazaaam - Good but........

    It's hard to naysay a vegan cheeze after we've all waited years for it to come out. Daiya fits a special need for those who still want to eat cheese. It needs to be melted under a broiler (as on a pizza) and I've tried making sandwiches with it to no avail. Daiya however, does have a block cheeze that is very good and comes in different flavors like havarti and jalapeno, etc. The shreds have a bad aftertaste if you ask me. If you use Daiya, like another reviewer wrote, don't build a whole dish around it (like mac and cheese) because the aftertaste will kill it. However, if you do buy it, just go to your grocery store and ask them to carry it as $6.49 is too much to pay for it. It didn't even cost that much in NYC. Better yet, buy Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schiner for $11.99 on this site and make varied and delicious vegan cheeses that you'll love.