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  • Robby - It WORKS, but can be challenging at times

    I first saw Jorge Cruise on the Tyra Banks show about a year ago, he promoted the Belly Fat Cure website and said the book would be coming out the following year. I immediately went to his website and looked up the details of the diet. I was shocked to hear that I had to eat less than 15 grams of sugar in one day. I had to really cut down on milk, bananas, and other foods that have a surprising amount of sugar. BUT it worked...the first week my belly shrank a lot (I was following the diet and working out every other day). I mean I really noticed a difference, more than I have on any other eating plan.

  • Gertie - This Truck Is A Keeper

    I bought this truck for my 3 year old grandson for Christmas. He absolutely loved it. He is one of three children, so, needless to say, it got banged around a lot, It is still working today with not a scratch on it. The remote control cars we bought him are long gone but the Hess truck is still working perfectly.

  • Grace - The Best Solar Lights!

    These are the best solar lights ever! These are very well made. The poles are stainless steel, not plastic like so many others. They are very easy to assemble. The black pointed part that goes into the ground is inside each of the poles. Just remove it, flip it around and insert it back into the pole. You are now ready to push this part into the ground. The solar lights come complete with batteries that are fully charged and ready to turn on. The little switch is on the bottom, just push it to on. Remove the plastic on top that protects the solar part for shipping. Place it on top of the poles that you have already placed in the ground and you're all set. Now you can enjoy them when they come on at dark. They will charge during the day from the sun. These are very pretty and give off a fair amount of light. They are tall, not these little short ones that you get at Walmart of somewhere. The company will guarantee them for life. This is the first set of solar lights that I've had and I'm sure glad that I chose these. If you have found this to be helpful would you please click 'yes', thank you.

  • Lisa Marie - It's good

    Smooth and fast. Weird feeling at first but got comfortable after a while. A great buy and a great speed cube


    I was really excited to get these oils since 750 reviewers gave it excellent marks. I put the lavendar oil in my diffuser and started having a very bitter taste in my mouth and started getting a headache, which lavendar has never done to me before. I tried to look on their website for information on the ingredients, and website that they wrote on the bottles IS NON-EXISTENT. That really scared me because they don't have any information on the bottles, no pamphlet in the box and no website. Therefore they cannot be liable for any harmful chemicals found in this product. And I cannot return them because according to Amazon it is considered hazardous material. If I were you, I would buy essential oils from a company that has available information on it's product!!!

  • Stewart Wilkins - Great biking gloves.

    Love these gloves! I had an old pair of fingerless and these things are just about as cool (with extra protection). The palm padding is pretty thick (~5 mm or so) and makes riding that much more comfortable. The velcro bits are non-abrasive but they tend to catch on just about any other piece of cloth/clothing. For sizing, refer to Fox Racings' website sizing chart. The XXXL fit my hands perfectly (I have long but thin fingers). There's a little bit of wiggle room.

  • AJ in DC - Great toothpaste overall - great whitening too!

    Great toothpaste and whitening kit. I meant to order the larger size but accidentally ordered the 1.2/1.4 oz set. I will use these for travel, no problem. I have porcelain crowns on top two front teeth and love how gentle Supersmile is on both my teeth and dental work. I noticed whitening from the first use and think it keeps getting lighter over time very subtly but noticeably. I love this toothpaste.