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  • Southwest Lady - Orange Sherbet/Creamsicle Aroma!

    I am way beyond my pregnant years, but I have stretch marks and dry skin, so I wanted to try this. This butter smells so good you’ll want to eat it! It really does have an aroma of something between orange sherbet and Creamsicle.

  • Amazon Customer - A yearly anthology to enjoy

    I have yet to be disappointed in the selection of authors and short stories that are published each year. The variety of views and narratives are intricately woven into fascinating reading.

  • Jennifer - Love this pillow!

    I was looking for a comfy pillow and a friend recommended this one to me. I absolutely love it! Its nice and soft, but yet firm as well. I woke up this morning with out a headache for the first time in a really long time. I highly recommend this pillow!

  • bob catron - Closest shave ever

    Two weeks into use of the razor; I feel it's the closest shave I've ever got. Been a Gillette user for many years. Tried a Walgreens brand to save money, but it was so crummy I returned it. This Dorco setup is well made, well balanced, and the blade angle seems just right. Very light pressure is needed to get a great shave. Quality is high. I don't see how anyone could be disappointed.

  • Scott A Brasfield - The Conservative Revulsion

    This book is actually a loose compilation of lost treatises on ethics attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas, circa 1250 AD, however Bernardi had to make much-needed edits to the works as he found Aquinas’ views on sexuality to be far too liberal and tolerant in many cases. Bernardi additionally used Mein Kampf, as well as lyrics adapted from Eminem songs, as a template to fill in any perceived gaps in hatred.

  • Donna F - Garbage.

    I am so sorry that I "upgraded" from 2009!...which was fine. Having heard nothing but horror stories about these latest vertsions and being unable to download stock info etc, I finally took a chance and "UPgraded", or so they call it. My bank and credit card balances are totally screwed up. My bank acct, which I reconcile monthly, has not been "cleared" since June of 2013 and the balance, which I'd checked earlier today on my OLD and BETTER Quicken, is totally wrong. I have no idea how I am going to clean up the total mess this has caused. The last thing I will do is call this company for help. Unfortunately, the download process automatically deleted my 2009 Quicken, so now I'm stuck.

  • K. Andrea - My favorite brand of diapers.

    I've only ever tried three brands - Huggies, generic Kroger brand, and Pampers - but Pampers are my favorites so far. Pampers seem to be the perfect balance for an unusually long (she was in the 97th percentile when she was born and growing like crazy) and adventurous baby. I've been using this brand for the majority of her 9 months of life, with a few other brands I got at baby showers being used in between. I've almost never had leaks with Pampers, even when she sleeps in them over night. Now at 30.5" and 21 lbs, she's still in this style just a size bigger. I haven't needed to switch to cruisers even though she's been crawling and now cruising for 3 months. These just work too well.