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  • HulkJr - Great Bike!

    I shopped and shopped, and finally decided on this bike. I felt it really had the most to offer for the money; I wanted a nice 'starter' bike for road biking. I didn't want to go way too cheap and buy a piece of junk (which I have always had), and I didn't want to spend too much initially either. This bike is put together nicely, and it rides great. You can easily compare it to 700, 800 plus dollar bikes in other places. I paid 550 for it from Amazon. I am a bike mechanic, so I have built lots of bikes; this bike comes with quality components all the way around. If you prefer super high quality components, like shifters for instance, you can always upgrade those individually. I plan to customize/upgrade/replace the shifters and the sprockets later on, after I get some use out of the ones that came with the bike and when I have figured out what will work best for me on there. Overall, extremely pleased. Quality is better than or as well as expected. I did buy a padded seat cover, and may change out the seat altogether to a more padded one. I am fairly heavy at 6' 250 lbs (mostly muscle) and those little seats with nearly zero point zero padding on them are not for me. Hope this helps you out.

  • Jen and Chas - if you are like me and have multiple cell phones to charge

    This is a very handy device, if you are like me and have multiple cell phones to charge, and other usb devices, like tablets, e- readers, cameras or any other usb chargers that usually plug into a cube and then into the power outlet. This is an all in one device, and uses only the usb ends. The Rapid Charger unit comes well packed in a nice sturdy box. Open it up, remove the items from the box and no instructions necessary. Just set the charger in the cradle and plug the unit into your power source. The little blue lightning bolt lights up telling you that it is working. There is no need for an on and off button. Then plug all those usb cables for your phones, and e-readers etc..into one of the available slots in this charger unit. We usually charge our cell phones and such on the kitchen counter. In which you can only charge 2 devices at a time per outlet. Now with the 6 port rapid charger I can not only charge up to 6 devices at a time, but this also takes up alot less space and since it's a rapid charger, it charges quicker. I was chosen to test and review this product and agreed to give my opinion of how it worked for me.

  • Jeffrey Tschiltsch - Great WiFi coverage and speeds, simple setup, and a minor Xbox One issue

    The Orbi and satellite replaced my Asus RT-AC68U router in my 4 story 4000 sqft home and the coverage results are excellent. Our cable modem is in the lowest level of the house (a 110 year old brownstone in downtown Chicago) and while the Asus did a good job of projecting its wifi signals "up" to the higher floors it had trouble reaching every corner and on the top floor the 5GHz signal was almost useless and the 2.4GHz worked OK but not in some certain rooms.

  • SCOTTSO21 - great vitamin

    I was skeptical du to certain reviews that I had seen but of course some people will find something wrong with anything. These were recommended to me by a professional body builder and the person I feel knows more about true natural personal health than anyone I've ever met ,it is hes life. The second day I noticed a boost in overall energy and feeling. I personally don't like vitamins that have to be taken twuce a day but I'll get used to it. I'm in the first wek and I have nothing bad to say about the product. So far so good. I mean OK it's a lil pricey there I said it.

  • Caroline Gelber - Works wonders, smells horrible...

    I love love love this face lotion. I have problem skin and this stuff just makes me look like my skin is dewey and clean. I use it along with the purity made simple and highly recommend that combination. The only thing is that this lotion has such a bad smell that lingers a while after you apply it (and that is why it gets 4 stars). It has that "fragrence free" scent that just is not pleasant. But my skin looks great so I deal with it.

  • Arturo - Would be great if it worked

    The Nest looks beautiful and sets up easily and well. One problem: It doesn't work. I have gone through two of these, spent hours on the line with customer support, and still have the same problems. The most vexing one is that it does not turn on in the morning to heat up the house. Not even in manual mode. The scheduled time says 5:45, but every morning (for more than 45 days), I have had to press "End Away" when I come downstairs to the freezing first floor. I have reset it, restarted it, replaced it, and still the same problem. Strangely, it seems to recognize other set points. One morning, for example, after I had to start it again by pressing "End Away," I set the temperature remotely to rise by an additional two degrees 30 minutes later. Presto, the temperature rose by two degrees. And yet, still, frustrating, maddeningly, annoyingly, it would not come on in the morning. There were other problems as well. During one learning cycle, it decided that the heat should come on at 12 noon, even though we are all awake by 630am and no one is usually in the house at noon (at least during the week). It never seems to recognize that anyone is in the room unless you stand right in front of it and wave your hand. Quite simply, it doesn't do what it claims to do. If this is a "learning" thermostat, it gets an F.

  • M. C. Dancer - Great Book

    This book is easy to read, informative. I began the oil pulling as soon as I got it and it is helping. Teeth seem whiter and cleaner. I feel healthier, although I was healthy already. But I believe in doing whatever is safe to maintain health. Coconut oil is what I use and I believe it is the best choice.