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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Conkistador - Great Toy Truck

    Bought this for my girlfriend's son and he absolutely loves it. The truck itself looks very durable and sturdy. The tractor lights up and works well running in both directions. Be careful however with the little conveyor belts around the wheels as it might slip off from time to time and need to be placed back on, which is NO BIGGIE. The tractor did come with the batteries included, but the truck itself did not, so you might want to pick up some batteries for the truck before hand so both the tractor and truck can both light up.

  • Desiree - Ryen the witch.....or the redeemed.

    I really loved this story. I was in love with Mischa immediately. His story was so heartbreaking. Through the entire book we just kept getting more of his story and it just kept getting worse. The last bomb that was dropped was the most heart wrenching chapter I have ever read from Penelope Douglas. It was so well written I cried for him. Meeting Ryen was hard. I hated her as much as Mischa and I was afraid there was no way it would be turned around. I mean especially with how she treated Manny. I couldn't believe the letter we read immediately as the book begins was written by such a nasty person. I was as conflicted as Mischa over her, and just as disappointed. As the story unfolds and truths are revealed. I felt for her over the deception. In the end I really loved the choices she made and how she reacted to a certain scene. I don't want to go into detail because you really need to read it to feel it. I also couldn't help but love the little sneak of Will, Michael and Kai and the connection there. The epilogue was perfect! IT was really interesting to read a book where the female character was the one that really needed to re-evaluate themselves. LOVED IT!

  • MBA2012 - Runs well. Solidly Built.

    This is a great little generator for emergency use. We don't use it day-to-day like a contractor might on a job site, but it runs well, uses very little gas, and has a good wattage rating for running items (not the whole house) during an outage. Free shipping is great too.

  • Shae752 - My staple protein powder!

    Incorporated this into my weekly diet for high protein, low fat/calorie foods. This is perfect for shakes and is 0sp for Weight Watchers which is a HUGE plus. Would recommend the taste definitely.