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  • Dalton B - Not the usual Slam-Dunk Album

    Did not meet expectations. As a long time fan and lover of them, I was hoping for the usual out of the water OneRepublic slam dunks, that had meaning and even could bring me to tears. but this wasnt it. its still got most of their usual feel, but even on my first listen i was surprisingly underwhelmed. they aren't bad songs in any way, but most of the album just feels SAFE. right in the middle of the spectrum not new pop, but too far from their original sound

  • openminded1 - Store in a cool, dark and dry place

    I like this exfoliation gel. My skin felt smoother and softer with noticeable fairness afterward. It's very light and gentle yet effective. This gel does tend to run and become very liquid like so be careful when its around your eyes.

  • aly mcbeal - Supply is back!

    This stuff is amazing. I recently returned from a trip without my baby and my supply went down considerably. I take a motherlove about an hour before a pumping session and I notice at least an ounce if not more. I only take it when I need it, so when I'm nursing baby, I dont take any because baby does a great job at emptying both breasts. I will say though, with my first child, I pumped exclusively and I never got more than about 3 ounces TOTAL at each session :( I wish I wouldve tried motherlove back then but I relied on pharmaceuticals instead. If you can afford motherlove, you wont regret using it!!!

  • Chris Martinez - This lavender essential oil smells amazing, it is very fragrant

    This lavender essential oil smells amazing, it is very fragrant. Lavender oil has so many benefits and can be used in so many ways. I have been adding it to my cleaning solution for an added dose of fragrance. I was curious to see if the smell would work if I added a few drops to a dryer sheet, and it made my laundry smell great! I then also decided to add a few drop with each amount of laundry detergent and I am really like how the lavender oil has made my clothes smell so good.

  • D. Alberts - Great program

    I am a treasurer for a non-profit group affiliated with our church. We have a fair sized budget and we have to keep detailed records