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Nässjö Sportdansklubb - Nyheter - Välkommen till Nässjö Sportdansklubb. Vi har kurser i bugg, foxtrot, linedance, tango, salsa mm.

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City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

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  • Robert L. Ayers - Street Altas 2015 does not work, and locks up ...

    Street Altas 2015 does not work, and locks up, when you try and use it with a Qstarz 818XT Bluetooth GPS receiver. I have been a DeLorme customer for many years, and the 818XT GPS receiver works with SA 2012, SA 2013, and SA 2014. The only testing DeLorme has done on SA 2015 with a Bluetooth GPS receiver is with an old DeLorme BT-20, which is only a NMEA 2.0 receiver. Delorme does not have the ability to find the change in SA 2015 (from SA 2014), and is trying to say the problem is with my 818XT GPS receiver, which works with SA 2014. DeLorme has even removed my post on their DeLorme forums, where I posted the problem. Delorme has added SA 2015 to their forums, and put my post there.

  • jacki l - made my hair start falling out

    I bought this because it smelled so good but after using it my hair was not soft but I decided I'd use the rest as not to waste it. After a few weeks more hair than usual started coming out when I brushed it and it kept getting worse, I threw the rest away and went to a different brand, after a month it was back to normal. Two years later I smelled the pomogranate one and thought o maybe it was a fluke and tried it again but the same thing happened again. I am currently using the rest to shave my legs, I don't mind losing that hair.

  • Lisa R - Finally a product that took off the adhesive

    This product was my last resort...I had used one of the adhesive window shades and decided to remove it (improperly)...well after trying razor blades, goo be gone, etc I ordered this and it took all the adhesive off! Beware of the fumes...they are strong.

  • John Wade - Huh?

    We ordered two for my mother-in-law, but they work so well, she only needed one. She can charge one and use the other.

  • Kindle Customer - Love this product

    Love this product! I've been suffering from allergies and a deviated septum for a long time. Much better than the netti pot which seems to leave most of the saline in the pot. It takes a few tries to get it down right, but once you do, it's a breeze. I love that I can see the water to know if I'm almost done or not. It's been a life-saver for me as I was getting so many migraine's due to impacted sinuses.