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Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine :: The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital - The center conducts biomedical research on state of the art quantitative computational biology.

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  • stacy - does the trick

    I bought this cause I have tried everything else to help my kid go to the bathroom. It did take a few days, but she finally went. She did not like the taste of it, so it was hard to get her to take it... But it did the trick so I would recommend it!

  • Eric W. - Great addition to my car!

    Look, I'm not a car guy by any stretch of the imagination. That is why it is crucial for gadgets like this to exist. Gone are the days of staring at a blink light on my dashboard that has no meaning to me whatsoever. My car goes periods without being used, so it is nice to have a device like this to let me know if something is going to be wrong before heading to the beach. There are a bunch of options (teen driver coaching) that I look forward to using when the time comes.

  • Melean Remoquillo - Not bad for a regular shampoo

    I wouldn't pay this much for it though! This is pricey, and it did not do its job. I'm a 40 yr old female and experiencing slight hair loss. The smell was alright, but i would just go for a regular shampoo instead of this.

  • Texican - Belly Fat Cure-Carb Swap

    First, the Belly Fat Cure system. I like this system. It's easy to do and if you don't like to count calories, this is a good one to try. Unlike other diets, this diet basically suggests an intake of a balanced amount of sugars and carbohydrates along with the other food choices. The material also teaches where hidden sugars are and gives suggestions on how to "swap" for good alternates. I have found though that with this diet, it would be easy to develop an elevated cholesterol count. I have made a few additions of vegetables and found alternates like using egg white products instead of whole eggs, but the basic plan works well.