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  • http://www.lookp.com/malaysia/gynaecologist Best Gynaecologist in Malaysia - (491 found, 349 reviews) You need the best gynaecologist or obstetrician for all your pregnancy needs. Check out the reviews of all gynae here in Malaysia.
  • http://www.lookp.com/malaysia/skin-specialist Best Skin Specialist in Malaysia - (251 found, 649 reviews) From eczema to psoriasis, Skin Specialist or Dermatologist can help you with that. Check out their reviews before you engage one in Malaysia.
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  • http://www.lookp.com/malaysia/general-clinic Best General Clinic in Malaysia - (3678 found, 8391 reviews) List of Clinics in Malaysia. Don't just go to any clinics, check out the reviews and find out who is the best.
  • http://www.lookp.com/malaysia/dentist Best Dentist in Malaysia - (2249 found, 4518 reviews) Dental crown, wisdom teeth, or need a root canal treatment? Make an appointment with the Dentists and orthodontist here in Malaysia.
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  • Amazon Customer - THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!! We recently moved into a house that ...

    THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!! We recently moved into a house that had stains on the countertops. I am talking about brown and red stains in and ALL WHITE kitchen. There was no camouflaging them! Our realtor recommended Bar Helper's Friend, which I purchased. Fail. I was determined to find something that would help. I HAD TO...ALL WHITE KITCHEN, REMEMBER!? This stuff WORKS. It knocked out the brown stains within seconds. The red stain took more time. It it now a faint light beige color. I am going to work on more today. I even moved on to the stove, which did not appear to have any dirt on it. When I applied and started scrubbing, a light film of dirt came off, revealing an even WHITER stove!!! I am definitely going to keep this in my house!!!!

  • dleonard - Lightweight and perfect

    I received this bag as a Christmas gift and it far exceeded my expectations. I had never seen it in person, but the bag was very light and had more pockets than I know what to do with. The stand system functionality is hidden within the bag and took me a minute to figure out, but it seems like it works very well. Overall the quality is great and I know I'll have this bag around for a long time.

  • Dancer Mama - Great, but large!

    The multivitamin is large and not easy for my teen to swallow. We had to cut it into fourths initially, and now we just cut it in half. It is effective in helping to clear teen skin and has improved overall energy in my teen. We will purchase it again, though we wish it were a chewable!

  • R. J. Hughes - Great little lights!

    These little solar lights are great! I have two large dogs and a decently sized back yard that can be difficult to see in at night. I hated letting the dogs out before bed only to have them disappear into the darkness where I couldn't even see them. Since it was dark everywhere, one of them liked to go down the side of the house and doesn't like to come back right away when called. This meant I would sometimes have to tiptoe through the grass after him, to make sure a gate hadn't been left open or he had somehow gotten out another way. He never actually made it out but the anxiety wasn't worth it.

  • Richard MacDougall - Quicken 2014 Android App doesn't work!!

    I purchased Quicken 2014 for Windows so I could use the compatible mobile App on my Android. I have been able to sign onto the program on my PC using my ID and Password but, after hours of trying, can still not sign onto the mobile App, always get an error message "Login Failed", have reset the caller ID and Password at least 10X. Tried going to Quicken Customer Support on-line, finally came to the realization that there is no way to fix the problem on-line. Quicken claims that they have "real live person" customer support and you can get a phone number; learned this is impossible to do with this product. Quicken has the absolute worst customer support I've yet to come across.