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  • L. Oil - Great product!

    The zydot shampoo worked very well for me. I have long dark hair about 20 inches. I used two of the shampoo treatments one after the other along with a clean shirt and towel. All together the treatments took about 3 hours, but I immediately went to get my hair tested after I was done and ended up testing clean.

  • Bugg - Love excuvience

    Love this night moisturizer. If I have a dry patch of skin this knocks it right out. I have acne prone skin and none of the excuvience products I've used irritate me. Only thing I hate is the container. Would give 5 stars if they would change it.

  • Deidra Toney - Wouldn't Recommend It

    I have tried this for several weeks now. I cannot get a close shave on my legs - always leaves stubble. And I see no different in the amount of time it takes the hair to grow back. I wouldn't waste my money on this product, if I were you. They might perfect this someday, but not today.

  • Alex LeDudeman - It's a different kinda animal, but I love it.

    I personally love this ball, but I have to take one star off because nobody wants to play with it. Beginners and especially girls complain it's too hard, even though I have it inflated to slightly below regulation. They also complain it feels "small" even though it's official size. I love the panel design, the cover texture and feel, and the color scheme. I find it very easy to track in the air against a background of bright fluorescent lights which makes my hitting more consistent. The slightly denser feel of this ball compared to the crappy 18 panel Wilson and Baden balls at my gym makes it easier for me to place my sets, though hitting requires a bit more precision on the player's part. This is a player's ball, and if you got game, you'll probably enjoy it. If you're a beginner or complain when your forearms get red, then stick to your open gym's stock marshmallows.

  • Glow-in-dark surface adds spooky dimension to Ouija - Glow-in-dark surface adds spooky dimension to Ouija

    The word "Ouija" is made up of two words - "Oui", the French word for Yes, and "Ja", the German word for Yes. So, you could really call the thing the "yes-yes" board. Usually, though, the board says neither Yes nor No but sits there and obstinately refuses to budge at all.

  • Jason L. - Music Awards

    I listen to the music as I can when I get home from work. Your performance was completely refreshing when tossed in the mix of so many other artists that have sold themselves out for nothing more than money. I hope you keep it up. when someone gets something from music that comes from what you played, it's a humbling feeling.

  • Kevnbro - Ticks Abound!

    I suppose customers who gave 5 stars for this product either have few ticks in their yards or none at all. Those of us living near tick infested woods however don't seem to be too terribly impressed with Bayer's new product. Our Australian Shepherd is covered with ticks daily even though he's been wearing his Seresto collar (we paid close to 80 bucks for) for close to a month. Almost a month in and we're already back to a topical tick treatment. I'd like my money back please.