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North Jefferson Christian Fellowship - Home - Experience Life Changing Encounters with The Father of Lights in a Local Church Family. Serving Fort Drum, Watertown, NY and The North Country with the Fire of the Spirit moved by the Love of the Father.

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  • Amazon Customer - The most satisfying genocide

    An unusually warm winter and 3 pets lead up to a large scale flea infestation. Yesterday I had fleas on my feet biting me every 3 minutes. 4 fleas would ambush me every time I walked into the bathroom. Cleaning did nothing to defend me. Words could not begin to touch the malace I had for these fleas. Treating my cat with the strongest of things only to have her groom off half of her coat to stop the itching. Waking up scratching my legs till blood ran down. I was ready to kill every last one of them.

  • ICON235 - Terrible Customer Support

    Ever try to get technical support from ROXIO? Good luck! Bought two months ago and haven't had a chance to use. Anti-virus program cleaned registry and Creator NXT stopped working as expected. Tried to repair from Creator disk and did not fix. Removed and tried to reload but the message was that the key had been used too many times. Tried web site for customer service and without purchasing a support number for $25 you are out of luck. Other products give much better support than this. I will never buy a ROXIO or CORREL product again, there are other companies that support what they sell.

  • Gunner Maison - wrong size

    i bought this for halloween so i could go out with my little brother and have some fun well i got it and they had sent me a youth one though i needed a adult one you are given one buying option which is standard and there are people saying they are 6'4 and a waist of 36 and they can fit it fine im 5'10 and waist 34 and couldnt get it past my knees so i was obviously given a wrong one also mine didnt come with a cup holder like alot of people are saying mine came with a candy bag not like its a big deal but they should be a little bit more specific with their descriptions and buying options all in all its a funny costume i just got all the wrong stuff

  • Jester Tester - Great effects

    I purchased this for a bit cheaper elsewhere. The fx are great. I only wish the projector was a bit brighter. You have to have a completly dark room for it to work alright.I think if the projector was a bit brighter the details would be better. But for the money not bad.

  • Jeremy Jason G.R. - Works well for as long as I have it installed.

    my pc works has always worked well as long as norton is installed. once it is past the expiry date, which happened to me twice before and ive had to reinstall windows, had some really really malicious hard to remove stuff attach to my hdd.

  • Sheri Cooper - Did not work at all...

    I normally love Olay products but this didn't work for me. I followed the directions exactly and I was very disappointed.

  • Shhop - Fun, Fun

    Fun, Fun, Fun! Couldn't get the grandkids off of it! Only used it one week last summer but really enjoyed it. 4yr old and 8yr old just loved it and didn't want to get off. Adults got to take turns riding with them. Feels very sturdy and stable on the water. Even with boat driver trying to "dump" riders. Goes over the wake and back easily. Hope it holds up for many more years of fun!